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That's all good and well, but there's little doubt that the REAL 'app of the year' will prove to be Google Maps. ... and it's only been out (saving users from the justly lambasted Apple Maps) for a day! Anyway... Been using the Day One (iPad version) for some time and it is excellent. Update: Just installed Splice: Tree of Life and WOW - Very, very nice!
That doesn't appear to be the case.I've installed it on my iPhone 5 and it works beautifully... and so far it's Easily The Best Nav App For iOS.
"He also added that demand for the iPad mini remains strong, suggesting consumer preferences are simply shifting to the smaller form factor"... A device that's primarily hand-held, providing near-identical functionality to a larger/heavier/more costly one is doing well in a smaller/lighter/cheaper package... You Don't Say?
Nope... Nope... and Nope (unless you count Engadget's rather 'interesting' battery run down test).That does appear to be the case.FACT: They're not 'giving' anyone anything, they're offering it at quite a cost, especially for those who just bought the 'new' iPad only a few months ago.
"Reviewers confirm 4th-gen iPad is merely an incremental refresh" This much was already known... The greater question is how developers will handle creating apps that specifically take advantage of the A6X's 'power' when Apple will still have devices running on the older A5, A5X, and A6 SoCs?
FACT: The A5 IS Three SoC Generations Behind the latest Apple SoC.A5 - As used in the iPad MiniA5X - As used in the 'new' iPad 3rd GenerationA6 - As used in the iPhone 5/6th GenerationA6X - As used in the 'new' iPad/4th Generation
Nice tablet, but... The A5 is now 3 generations behind other iPads, the iOS UI is more than dated at this point, the display is not even close to the resolution/quality of other 7 to 8 inch tablet devices (or even most modern smartphones) and the price is 'a bit much' for anything but the base model, especially the US $130.00 additional just for GPS/Cellular radios. When it comes down to it, the iPad Mini is just another variation on the same 5 year-old iOS theme, which...
Meh... at best, and if all Apple has planned for the future of its product line is pushing more pixels onto smaller displays, then it looks like the era of Apple 'Innovation' is truly at an end. Nothing really all that 'Pro' about a US 1700.00 laptop that doesn't even feature dedicated graphics. Oh Well...
Let's just hope that they keep the pricing realistic/reasonable... though one might question the benefit of going 'retina' on these smaller screens, other than just to add said 'marketing-term' to yet another device.
NOT... Android updates don't 'break things' like so many iOS updates have - They simply improve the user experience while moving mobile operating systems forward.
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