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There's little reason to doubt that the 'iPad Mini' will be 1024x768, which is quite sufficient for its given screen dimensions... Too many have become far too hung up on this ever-increasing pixel-density nonsense.The thing I'm interested in seeing is how they'll handle the fact that a smaller device running exactly the same version of iOS is going to make every 'touch element' e.g. button, selection box, etc. much smaller, which stands in opposition to those who've long...
Apple really should avoid releasing an 8gb model just to reach a lower price-point (unless it's solely for the EDU market) as such a paltry capacity on an iOS device leaves very little room for anything. Other 'mobile OS' devices can often get away with such a small capacity as their apps tend to be (much) smaller in size than iOS offerings, but with a mere 7.25 or so user accessible storage on an 8gb iOS device, users will likely quickly become frustrated with running...
No Surprise There... It should never have been banned in the first place.
Very Nice...
Been using Motion-X GPS Drive for quite a while now... Works Great. (I've little use for all the picturesque '3D' map frivolity)
Nice enough looking, but... It's just the same iOS device in a different size.
... not all of them.Now Let The Games Begin (again)!
  It's merely a case of you and your (needlessly brand partisan) ilk behaving like some rabidly fanatical attack dogs when anyone post anything that doesn't conform to your little 'Apple ideal, often/unjustly calling their integrity into question in the process (as you did with my earlier post, and which I quickly debunked)   Personally... I don't care what you think, believe, etc. because In the many years that I've participated in this forum you've done absolutely...
Yes...   I'm telling you that I "bought the highest capacity iPhone" 5 because That's Exactly What I Did (as I always buy the 'highest capacity' available of any device I choose to buy), and I have zero concern as to whether some pathetic troll like you finds my posts 'credible' or not - Deal With It (along with your obvious 'insecurities'/inferiority issues).   http://imageshack.us/a/img51/8382/p1000637c.jpg  
Sure... Whatever...   Google initially released Google Maps as a BETA, which is what Apple should have done with their 'less than complete' (as per my week's use of my own  iPhone 5 black/64gb), which may have avoided all of this nonsense.   http://imageshack.us/a/img43/9286/p1000634t.jpg  
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