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Given that Google Maps is the exponentially more mature/polished product, I'll stick with it for now, though I do look forward to Apple 'ironing' out the current issues with their fledgling effort.
FACT: 'App Store" Does Not Equal 'Appstore', whether Apple likes it or not.
They'll likely use a 'chopped fiber' technique, which can effectively be done via 'injection molding' depending on the size if the fibers and the consistency of the resins used.We'll See...
It feels very nice/high-quality and far less slippery than Aluminum (see both my iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro pictured in Caron Fiber).I've been working with Carbon Fiber for well over 25 years and find it to be an excellent choice both structurally and aesthetically.Once I noticed the surface 'defects' on my iPhone 5, the first thing I did was take some pre-preg carbon fiber material and covered the entire device.http://imageshack.us/a/img155/3068/p1000626.JPGNote: though I...
Oh Well...
"Some were not sure of how prior art could either render a patent acceptable or whether it could invalidate it" - Hogan said. Which is why it's quite likely that there will be a new trial, and this time true justice may actually prevail... We'll See
Hmmm... It appears that among your many other 'issues', you also have no idea what the word 'quoting' means.Look It Up or refrain from using words you don't understand.
Well... Good Thing I Didn't. :-)
Do You Have No Integrity At All?Nowhere in my entire post do I use the phrase 'better design'... and if you lack the ability to recognize/acknowledge that the iPhone design makes less efficient use of the frontal surface area (largely due to the round [HOME] button), then there's really little hope for any kind for rational discussion with you.Be Well... or not.
Exaggerate Much?My Samsung Galaxy S III is negigibly larger (overall) than my iPhone 5, primarily due to the fact that the GS III's design better utilizes the given (frontal) area than the iPhone 5, and when it comes to thickness, the dimensions are even closer.All this nonsense about the GS III being so much larger than the iPhone 5 is just borne of ignorance (bias), with little basis in fact.http://imageshack.us/a/img20/5621/p1000621v.jpg
New Posts  All Forums: