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It's all a matter of one's perspective/biases, as it can easily be argued that smartphones are but smaller-screened tablets anyway.
Because (at least in the US) tablets can't make conventional phone/voice calls... ?
Wrong... It was an issue they were having with LTE compatibility with some of the US networks/carriers.Personally... I find the S4 to be a very capable SoC, and in the US the GSIII devices come with 2gb of RAM, which makes muli-tasking much more efficientAgreed!
Untrue... The 'one on the right' is made of Polycarbonate which is an advanced thermoplastic polymer composite material, and said substrate anything but 'cheap' in either its durability or resitance to damage from impacts and extreme temperatures.Anyway... Choice Is Nice (and I always have plenty of devices from which to choose) :-)
Oh Please... just because you don't appear to understand that there are those of us who simply appreciate/buy technology (from ALL manufacturers) because we enjoy it doesn't justify some inane conspiracy from those who don't.Additionally: Find ONE Post wherein I said I 'hate Apple' - (Hint: There Isn't One).
They're ALL 'toys' in many ways, but at least the one 'on the right' came completely without blemishes/manufacturing defects, which is more than can be said for the one on the left. :-)
Hmmm... Never once did I say anything about something being 'superior', therefore your little profane tirade is rendered MOOT.
Actually... I merely buy exacly what I want/when I want because I have the means, doing so without the slightest concern/regard for your input. ;-)
Sure... Whatever...Which still makes my opinion, which comes from a vantage point of Actually Owning These Devices, vastly more relevant/credible than some over-zealous, divisive rhetoric spewing brand-fanatic to whom 'scores don't matter when their team is losing'.http://imageshack.us/a/img37/7893/p1000616m.jpg
...and it matters to very few but those bent on some silly 'Team This vs Team That' nonsense. Reasonable people just buy what they want and don't bother worrying about what others do.
New Posts  All Forums: