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Now that I've owned the iPhone 5 (black/64gb) for 3 days now, it feels/functions little different than my iPhone 4/4S did. No surprise given that the user experience hasn't really change much at all (save the iOS Maps app) from IOS 5, and the additional screen space isn't very well utilized at this point. Now if only they could have made the exterior surface coating less fragile... Maybe Next Time ?
No Surprise... Apple looks to have seriously dropped the ball with their iOS 6 'Maps' app so competitors are quite justified in pointing it out (Apple sure would if the situation were reversed). Google Maps worked great, and this looks to be a case of a company (Apple) placing silly 'politics' ahead of user experience and one can only hope that they fix things quickly.
Hmmm... Freudian Slip?
  My experience thus far is:   01) Very nicely built device, though I can see why some are noting the fragility of the coating on the black version (NOTE: I already covered it in Carbon Fiber) :-)   http://imageshack.us/a/img854/5964/p1000614a.jpg   02) Faster (though not drastically so) than my iPhone 4S, and it'll be nice to see what developers do with the additional SoC/GPU-power.   03) Still rather surprised that the 'Lightning' connector is USB 2.0 instead of 3.0,...
So far... So Good with my iPhone5 64gb, though (admittedly) it's hardly as exciting as when I bought my iPhone 4 a couple of years ago given that it's essentially the same mobile experience in a slightly different package.   Let's just hope that Apple gets that whole iOS Maps situation straightened out sooner than later, and offer a few more iOS improvements next time around.  
What?There's is nothing the least bit 'in violation of forum rules' presented anywhere in my post(s), and your not agreeing with it doesn't make it so, and only serves to further demonstrate your rampant disregard for all that actually makes for a suitable/fair forum moderator.As I previously stated, "Nice to (finally) see an iPhone update, but that's really ALL it is".
Oh Please... It's just another smartphone announcement - Nothing More/Nothing Less. ... and given Apple's rather slow adoption of many of the latest mobile technologies (e.g. LTE, NFC, larger displays, etc) the 'new ' iPhone will largely just be playing catch-up anyway. Nice to (finally) see an iPhone update, but that's really ALL it is.
Looks like two can play the (rather senseless) litigation game...
...and this time they'll likely get a competent jury. Multiple Patent Invalidation Pending.
FACT: Not every consumer wants, or even cares about the new(ish) iPhone.
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