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Most Deservedly .. . Samsung Galaxy SIII = Easily the best smartphone existent. ... and that's not likely to change anytime soon.
  What?   As the owner of a both a Galaxy SIII and a 'current generation' iPod Touch I can only draw one of 3 conclusions from your little 'claim':   01) You Do Not Own Both Devices, therefore you've have never made any such comparisons of the two devices.   02) You Simply Have No Idea of What You Speak, therefore unable to properly discern the differences between the devices.   03) You Are Lying (or at the very least blind), given that the devices in question are of...
A one who's owned a Nexus 7/16gb sunce the day it was released, I can say (without reservation) that it's the 7inch Tablet Done Right, with exceptional ergonomics, build-quality, and easily the smoothest, most advanced/cohesive mobile operating system yet conceived - Brilliant Device at an almost 'unbelievable' Price Point.
Probably a smart move on HTC's part given that the Jury Forman in the Samsung trail has now disclosed that he had litte-to-no idea what 'Prior Art' meant or how to instruct fellow jurers how to assest such a claim. http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20120828225612963 "The foreman in the Apple v. Samsung trial has now done an interview with Bloomberg News, giving him an opportunity to answer some of the criticisms of the verdict. It's a video on YouTube, titled...
Whatever they decide... Hopefully these companies can now get back to the business of making/selling quality gadgets sans all of this silly 'fear of litigation' nonsense.
Likely an IR Blaster... :-/
Then Prove It.
Oh Please... Samsung, along with numerous others, have offered tablets in sizes raging from 5 to 8 inches for years already, So it's quite obviously Apple who's doing the 'copying' here.
"I see risk here for both sides if we go to a verdict” Judge Lucy Koh said on Wednesday... sans the 'one or both' AI-spin. Anyway... At this point it's all just a bunch on nonsense and the best thing that can happen is a blanket invalidation of any/all ridiculously generic patents claims.
Maybe you're looking at it wrong?Anyway: Looks like this may well be a case of... Prior Art = Invalid Patent.
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