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There will be those who'll argue that 'optical drives' are obsolete etc., but to remove them from desktop systems (where there's very little concern for saving a few millimenters that they take up) would be a questionable move as I know many (especially college students) who still watch (RedBox) DVDs etc on their iMacs. We'll See if they decide to keep them or not...
That's 'Apple RDF Math'... the 'real world' tells a much different/more truthful story.
Kind of back to the ad style they were running before the silly 'Genuis' ones... Nothing new, but still better than those.
Wise Choice... They were each pretty terrible both in concept and execution. Hopefully the next batch will be better.
Windows 8 clearly moves the 'personal computing' operating system in a new and exciting direction, whereas most competitors are still patching 10 year+ old desktop environments long over-due for replacement. Sure mobile OS-based devices have their place in the market, but it's rather misguided to belive that ANY current tablet (aka XL media consumption device) is capable of replacing desktop OS-based computers for those using them for more productive purposes.
As long as the 'YouTube' app remains available for iOS this amount to little more than Apple trying to make some kind of anti-Googee statement while needlessly inconveniencing current iOS users who expect the app to be there when they upgrade/buy a new iOS device.
  Interesting little tirade you posted there.... though completely off-base on every level.   I'm merely an avid gadget-enthusiast without preference for inane things like brands etc., always taking into consideration that none of them are perfect.   If something appeals to me... I Buy It & Enjoy It without one iota of concern for those more brand-partisan, who too often use brand-affiliation as some kind of proof that they're in the 'cool club' or some other such...
  Oh Really... You. Fail. Yet. Again.       Anyway... The sooner all of this nonsensical litigation ends - The better for the entire industry.
  You should look up the word 'inspired' as it's clear that you have no idea what it means.   It's been revealed that Jobs & company at Apple were 'inspired' by this device upon seeing it, as it was similar to the direction they were intially considering for the iPhone.
  ...and it appears that Apple had been 'inspired' by Samsung designs long before the iPhone ever existed:     In 2005 Samsung had just released the SGH-E910 "fashion phone" with a similar arrangement, and iPod head Tony Fadell sent an Engadget blog post about the phone to Jobs and other Apple execs. "Weird way to hold the cellphone," said Fadell, but using the round center control pad "seems comfortable." Upon seeing the design, Jobs was typically direct. "This may be...
New Posts  All Forums: