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... like the iPad is so 'pocketable' It appears the the sole reason for maintaining the small screen (by today's smartphone standards) was simply to maintain the display's aspect ratio, which has been achieved, even if it does make the phone look a bit dated.
... and where are all of those 'Apple would never design something that looks like that lost iPhone' naysayers from last month now? Anyway... Nice job Apple, though a larger display would have been better.
Shocking... Truly Shocking
Well... The fact that Autocad never saw need to take a 'hiatus' from the windows platform is quite telling as to which is truly the more powerful computing environment.
Well... They seriously lacked validity anyway.
Nice... Very Nice
Waaa Waaa Waaa... The thing was lost, was then leaked, and life will (and should) go on.
Which makes complete sense, because she can always use your MacBook to sync data to and from her iPad, but those who make inane claims that the iPad can fully serve as a PC replacement are the way off base... It's A Computer Peripheral - Plain and Simple
MS Office - Still the reining king of Office Suites!
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