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Hey all, It's been a while since I posted on AI but I do so at this moment to help out a mate. My friend has his comic in the World's Biggest Comic Comp over at zuda.com. His comic, DEADLY (based in a future, deadly Australian landscape) is currently in second place and I, including quite a few others think it is worthy of first place! So here is the rub. If any of you have a spare three minutes, pop over to zuda.com, register and check out his comic DEADLY. If you...
*teeheehee* Well put sir!
Crap... sorry Ireland... I just did the lazy post and didn't see you had already posted the WSJ link. My bad. b.
Wall Street Journal Story Apparently they are going to drop DRM! Which is like.... WOW, no DRM, they must have come up with a more creative way to screw us over. meh.
Thank you... and now you're history.... Spammer Bastard!
Oh yeah... I'll second that!
The full screen ipod will happen but not 'til after June... (or April if you believe the hype)Stevie-boy doesn't want to knock the wind out of the iPhone sales (sails).bxx
Why does the Tomb Raider movie info list the actors from the Italian Job?
Holy shitballs! Well done A.I. Only 138 members online at the moment... 1182 anons! b.
no... and if it did I would hunt you down and kill you as your aabove posted jinxed it. bxxSeriously... I will hunt you down if they cancel.
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