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definitely a step in the right direction, got my name down on a 15". Just have to keep it away form the wife who dropped her last one two days after she bought it! Still works though!
London shoppers were gripped by Apple-mania again as thousands queued to be first into the swish new Covent Garden store – the largest Apple store in the world. The three-floor shop, which used to be a nightclub, is a temple to the Californian company's gadgets, with separate rooms for Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPods. Some shoppers camped overnight to be first into the store, which employs 300 staff. Recent problems with the newest version of the iPhone have failed to...
I think this whole issue has definitely been blown out of all proportion. I don't know if it is a US only thing but I tested a couple of phones in store before buying and I could not replicate the fault. So guess what I bought one and no matter how hard I try I cannot get it to drop signal and yes I am holding it in the way the videos show. In fact no one I know can replicate it either, my guess is that Apple usual detractors are jumping on the bandwagon and perpetuating...
I agree with TheWatchfulOne, sounds fishy. Doesn't look like Apple even owns the iadtoday url with which they are alleged to be spreading the iAd mantra! Registrant: McMillan Creative Galveston, Texas
You'll probably find that the insurance company is either owns or has a large stake in the companies that provide the over priced equipment. A bit like the pharmaceutical giants that own the very insurance companies that sell you healthcare that prescribes drugs at vastly inflated prices!
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