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"%u2026 the FCC determined that U.S. broadband deployment is not keeping pace with the rest of the world." But how can that be? Everyone knows the free market is God and that unregulated corporations must therefore inevitably achieve perfection. It's a lie. All we need to do is trust our telecomm providers and stay out their way.
"Cook's ascension was the first transfer of power in Apple history to not involve the ousting of the former CEO." Forgive me, but if death isn't "ousting," I don't know what is.
Given the disappointing sales of Apple products, it's obvious they've no choice but to release cheap products for the masses. From Mac to iThingies, how can they fail to have learned that you can't succeed without undercutting the competition's prices?
The great blunt drab irony of all this shopping-opportunity journalism is that these McShoppes could be absolutely anywhere on earth, as could their crowds. One could argue that The Temples of the Fruit are relatively tasteful, functional, and even innovative %u2013 after all, the mercantile bar is set plenty low. But distinctive? That would violate their purpose, which is to provide a uniform, homogenous experience which is ultimately as dulling as it is dull. Mass...
"a full-featured journal that enables users to jot down quick notes about their day-to-day lives" And share it all, no doubt. Narcissist 2.0 - now with extra added self involvement! The unshakeable conviction that others do or should care what you ate, drank, or copulated in the last 24 hours is one of the great mysteries of life.
Ah, MS Office%u2026 I simply can't wait to attach a manure spreader to my Ferrari. Quick, somebody gag me before I convulse and shriek like a 12-year-old girl at a boy band concert. It's time for Apple to release a grown-up version of iWork, and put a stop to this mandatory bloatware, once and for all. Seeing competition restored in the productivity app marketplace is a consummation devoutly to be wished.
"first of its kind" Will someone please explain what could possible be original about another corporate CEO interview? We're primates%u2026 We worship wealth and the power it represents, and long to suck up to people we imagine are somehow superior. It's a fact of life, but do we have to pretend that there's something novel about it? Steve Jobs was just a guy. Tim Cook is just a guy. Jesus Christ was just a guy. And the celebrity/hero worship/messiah complex thing...
Shall we shiver with anticipation of this new, radically sleekified iTunes, or stock up on virtual Immodium in preparation for gagging down yet another seething, bloated, cybernetic mess? There's just no telling with Apple anymore, but it's hard to imagine that the years of rancid feature creep can be reversed in a single major release, or at all. But it's not just Apple, is it? Increasingly, software engineering follows a sort of Kardashian aesthetic: when in doubt,...
The disturbing thing about Microsoft's suicidal tendencies is that once their rusting oil tanker finally drifts to a halt and sinks, Apple, having won, will inevitably _become_ Microsoft.
As usual, good news for stockholders is bad news for everyone else. Every time Apple triumphs over Microsoft, they come that much closer to _being_ Microsoft. All winners are alike: smug, greedy, and destructive. Any successful corporation with insufficient competition becomes a monster.
New Posts  All Forums: