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Outages I can forgive. The poorly-conceived, bug-infested, incoherent mess which is OS X Messages? Not so much.
Does this mean that Messages under Mountain Lion will magically become something other than a poorly-conceived, incoherent, difficult-to-configure, confusing, bug-riddled mess? Or is it just that we're supposed to pretend that removing "beta" from the name somehow elevates the application to something deserving of having been released? Increasingly, Apple follows the time honored Microsoft model%u2026 "Let marketing determine the features and pick the release date. We...
That would certainly be welcome. When most phones vibrate, it sounds like someone is trying to give an elephant an orgasm.
Now if they'd just do something about the godawful, bug-infested mess that is Messages for OS X. It makes the Apple iOS Maps app seem a thing of sublime beauty, accuracy, and competence by comparison.
It's been quite some time since randomly swallowing and regurgitating others' vomit came to be accepted as "journalism." Now ("according to a report published Thursday by hit-or-miss industry publication DigiTimes") we're reaching new heights in unsubstance%u2026 not so much swapping spit as swapping dreams about swapping spit, presumably via Twitter. Soon the standard lede will be "someone somewhere may have said something like%u2026"
The Apple Supplier Code of Conduct is a great opportunity for an in-depth, thought-provoking editorial about Apple, corporatism, government, and the responsibilities of consumers. I'd love to read it. Journalism consists of reporting the information that doesn't appear in companies' press releases, and analyses they don't don't want made of that which does. "The rest is advertising." And don't we all see enough advertising?
I can't wait! Another opportunity to fail to fix the dozens of bugs every new release since Snow Leopard has inflicted upon the Finder, all in exchange for more Facebook access, which I need about as much as I need the voice of Howard Stern bone-inducted into my molars as I sleep.
It's time for this sort of consumer erotica to come out of the closet, and openly embrace the slavering adjectives which shame-facedly lurk just below the surface. Seriously%u2026 Given the complete ethical bankruptcy which accepts this sort of thing as productive, why write it with so little courage? WHat do you have to lose? Where are the heaving bosoms, the throbbing members, the moist congress with unholy desire that we all know perfectly well will end, if not in...
It's lovely to see that there are still governments that aren't quite as easily purchased as that corporate subsidiary Americans call "Congress."
Like its politicians, American corporations believe that what matters is to speak first and loudest. The truth of what's said is considered as an afterthought, if at all. After all, 144 pt lies run on the front page; 6 pt retractions on page 43. Of course getting away with this, time after time, year after year, requires a profoundly ignorant populace drunk on recreational condemnation and smugly indifferent to facts.
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