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Certainly it's tragic, but "strange?" This reminds one of nothing so much as Bush Senior's delighted surprise at encountering his first supermarket scanner. Some of us live in a nation where the overwhelming majority of brilliant, creative men in many fields died of a plague in a single decade. "Strange?" The tragic death of promising men in the prime of life was the norm for more than half my life and I've attended more funerals than all other social occasions...
Unions in China? About as likely as unions at Walmart, for the same reasons. It's the job of government to protect people of modest means from the rapacious rich, and when government fails, sweatshops become the norm.
Did the NYT point out that anywhere life is meaningless, human rights are absent, and there's a regime that regards millions of its citizens as so much disposable tissue, people will be much cheaper than robots? This is the great irony of "hi-tech" labor in the 21st century. Absolutely everything is done by handy by de facto slaves living and dying in unspeakable conditions. China, Brazil… Anywhere there are sufficient desperate people living under a ruthless...
Stop regurgitating Apple's self serving press releases. A a "zero tolerance policy regarding child labor"? Sounds like Google and "Don't be evil." Why listen to corporatese when it's possible to listen to someone who's been there? http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radi...-apple-factory
One institution's dirty, self-serving lies look much like another's.
Does it occur to no one that it's Apples' products which are successful, and not Apples' hype? The thing I love most about the internet is that its economically based on the illusion that advertising has ever accomplished anything other than annoying people. Nearly all of us will be shopping at JC Penney in just a little while, but it'll be because the 1% sociopathic hoarders will have left the 99% no other economic option, and not in any way due to advertising.
It's 2012. "Steve Job's widow" is an individual with a name of her own, even in headlines.
Is the point of our culture to create the best workers, or to provide the best life? Automated factories are expensive; sweatshops are cheap. Nope - just one. So long as we support regimes which treat human beings as flesh robots, no place where it's necessary to treat people as people can compete. Don't forget that we're one species living on a single planet. Externalizing the death camp nightmare of Apple's manufacturing to a regime that tolerates such crimes moves...
You need a very, very long spoon when you dine with the devil.
You couldn't be more wrong. When there are millions of people desperate for work and no legal restrictions on how they are used, automated manufacturing can't complete. Think of it this way… In collapsing economies and despotic regimes, life is quite literally cheap. Under such circumstances, why would the 1% invest in expensive steel robots when flesh ones cost almost nothing? Flesh is the perfect machine - the companies that use it pay nothing for its...
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