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The iYacht%u2026 What a graceless thing of breathtaking ugliness she is. She'd look more at home dry docked in a suburban strip mall and filled with orthodontists than sailing the high seas.
Love the Nubian Goddess. Why isn't she on iWorship?
Would that workers in the US had such spunk. Instead of a work force that understands just how it's being exploited, we have a nation of "temporarily inconvenienced millionaires" so sedated by television you could harvest organs from them conscious and get no reaction.
The absence of the Statue of Liberty isn't even the problem, much less an issue of any severity. The severe problem is that Apple's management (correctly) believes it can reduce the functionality of its products, valuing profits and politics over customers, and not suffer as a result. The map to worry about is the one that shows how corporate arrogance reduces everyone's quality of life.
This is a fine situation and should be enjoyed. Apple, having left Microsoft in the dust, is in danger of _becoming_ Microsoft%u2026 Releasing half-finished products, figuring, "Oh well, we can always fix it later if anybody notices it's trash." The corporate model is inherently dishonest, irresponsible, and destructive. With God dead and the nation state dying, our only defense against the psychotic institutions which completely dominate 21st century life on earth is...
Would that America's working class had such courage. Instead, we have a nation of "temporarily inconvenienced millionaires," i.e., pathetic dupes convinced they'll be welcomed into the ruling class if only they work hard enough.
I'm not sure which is more ludicrous - the self importance of these people or the way in which we take their posturing seriously.   Louis Pasteur changed the world.  Martin Luther King changed the world.  Stalin changed the world.  Apple and Samsung make consumer electronics.    
The hysteria over how entertainment content is delivered never ceases to fascinate me.  Here were are, once again busily debating the merits of a new sewer pipe, as though slapping a different logo on it will cause something new and wonderful to flow out of the low end in our living rooms.   We've reached the point in our cultural development where wrapping a dog turd in a Tiffany's box really will cause half the populace to wear it to work in the morning.  
The corporatocracy is as insensitive to poetic justice as it is immune the more usual kinds.  
I was nothing until CorpCo™ assimilated me.  
New Posts  All Forums: