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It's good to see a corporation slap a shill, apparently valuing overall integrity more than the short-term bottoms line. However, the terrible writing in the correspondence quoted above is creepy - the stuff of aphasia.
"Which is sleazier, AT&T or Verizon?" This is a debate only a parasitologist could love.
"But how often will you want to zoom into the screen?" Check out a graph of the demographic shift occurring in the US as the baby boomers age. Shortly, but bulk of computer users will be people with fading vision, arthritic hands, and other issues. They'll pay for an interface that accommodates them and resent any that don't. I already have clients who've switched to Mac OS simply because zooming is flawless and intuitive. Their answer to your question is "Every...
Well, they've copied everything else they imagine might work, no? Seriously, you've come up with the one way I might be lured into an MS store. I don't think shirtless alone will do it, though... Maybe low lights, driving music, an open bar, and an hourly wet boxer briefs contest?
Most Windows users are still running XP and Microsoft's official upgrade path from XP to 7 is "buy a new computer"... I was going to say "you do the math," but no math is required, is it?
"Oft evil will shall evil mar."
I object to aspersions cast toward bathroom web browsing. Our economy is collapsing, and making poop productive is our last chance at civilization.
When does a fruit become a nut?
Has anyone in Redmond, ever, in the entire history of the company, had anything resembling an original thought?
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