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"…wouldn't leave Apple at any price."   And what a profoundly creepy thing that is.  As I neither work for nor am married to Apple, there's no way I can "leave" it.  The fact that I've purchased some of its products no more makes me a part of Apple than eating a hamburger makes me a cow.   Brand loyalty is the ultimate dysfunctional relationship.  Intelligent consumers regard corporations the way corporations regard their employees:  resources to be exploited...
Meanwhile, teaching - arguably the single most important job in any society - is among our society's least lucrative professions.     In America, teaching other people's children is antithetical to feeding your own.  $15M?  If I was a San Diego school teacher, I'd likely end up in jail for assaulting a politician with a sharpened iPad.  
"Lame" is insufficient to describe the tastelessness of these crass, tardy to the party, half-assed imitations.   The word "tacky" needs to make a comeback.  
I'm so excited.  Something to sit next to my Zune.
Am I the last person on earth who actually realizes the trivial details of my daily activities are just that?  Incessant socializing is a terminal disease so far as character is concerned.   Egads…  Not even I care about what music I listened to yesterday.  
Oooh…  Antiquated bloatware for iPad.   Really, Microsoft's motto should be "Everything and the kitchen sink."   I can't wait to hitch their manure spreader to Apple's Ferrari.
Does the US actually have any anti-trust laws anymore, or has auctioning Congresswhores off to the highest bidder pretty much put paid to all that?
Intuit's Quicken uses ⌘A to open its accounts window.  Over the years I used the program, I expect I pressed ⌘A, failed to get "Select All," and hated them with a hot, hurty hate at least 10,000 times.     It's the sort of thing that makes me want to pee on an engineer's desk.  That being (alas) not possible, I poured myself a glass of champagne at 11:00 am the day I dumped Quicken forever.
Until it becomes possible to do no business whatsoever with corporations which subvert the democratic process, Apple is the best of a bad bunch
"Apple's reputation intact after negative tax avoidance press"   American's despise our government nearly as much as we do the corporations which run it.  Given that the 99% are every bit as greedy and stupid as the 1% who own us but considerably less well informed, it's hardly surprising that we flock to whoever provides the tastiest bread and the most entertaining circuses.     Of course few things are as fickle as brand "loyalty," and the moment Apple ceases...
New Posts  All Forums: