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When a corporation wins, its customers lose. 
Advertising is the vilest of crap.   The only thing dumber than doing something stupid because everyone else has done so is refusing to do something intelligent because everyone else has done so.
The Walton family has been a scourge on just and fair labor practice in America.  Five minutes with a search engine will teach you more about their corruption, greed, and selfishness than you ever wanted to know about anything or anyone.  Supporting them isn't an option for anyone but monsters, hypocrites, and fools.     I like my toys as much as anyone, but if Walmart ever become the last source of oxygen in my area, I hope to have sufficient character to suffocate....
The destructive working conditions in Apple's factories have deserved and gotten lots of attention.   Walmart makes Foxconn look like day care for rich kids.  Ethically, the only significant difference between the two is that Walmart buys Congressman a six pack at a time.
Mom twists her neck toward the back seat and snarls, "Don't make me stop this court room!"   Greed makes people so very, very stupid.  The pathetic antics of people who've convinced themselves the purpose of life is wealth would be funny if they weren't so destructive.
A so-called democracy which allows its alleged representatives to give tax breaks to one of the most profitable corporations on the planet should not be surprised to find itself bankrupt, and no one who does business with a corporation that achieves such a lunatic injustice should consider him or herself a good citizen.     In fact, a "tax break" is something a society might give to nonprofit organizations which demonstrably exist solely for the general good of all...
"Apple accused of sidestepping taxes"   The legal abstraction we call a "corporation" was created, in large part, to enable the wealthy to avoid paying taxes.  To focus on any individual corporation is to completely miss the point.   Like so much writing on corporate behavior, the insistence on ignoring context means the result resembles surrealist poetry more than journalism.    
Precious yet tedious. Cloying yet cold. Offensive in the all-too-common assumption that modern celebrities are models for anything other than narcissism and a pathetic, doomed obsession with popularity. But more to the point… A blatant, arrogant misrepresentation of the product. (Though I confess did enjoy the notion of a woman so profoundly, unpardonably stupid that she looks out the window and asks her phone if it's raining. Tell me it's pronounced "Zoo-ee,"...
"The height of such a device would be roughly the same width as the current iPad."
The one thing seldom mentioned in these sorts of comparisons is that Windows-only products have absolutely no appeal to many of us. Their whole ecosystem is limited and limiting. Microsoft has yet to produce a credible OS for a handheld, Android is a fragmented mess, and all of it - including Windows itself - is grotesquely insecure. Intel is scared, and with good reason. Apple is not going to get out of the hardware market, and will increasingly roll its own.
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