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As Apple improves working conditions in Chinese factories, they move their retail employees toward what could eventually be a sweatshop model.
Are you implying that corporations bear no responsibility for the labor practices of their subcontractors?
Given that absolute power corrupts absolutely, no sane person would regard this as good news. Big = Bad.
The Hagiography of Jobs has gone beyond tedious. "Steve Jobs didn't like blue socks." "Steve Jobs adored marmalade." "Steve Jobs though hot tubs were tacky." There is no journalism in the 21st century, is there? Just the endless churn of celebrity trivia.
I trekked off to the local shrine of  to buy one but so loathed the UI I departed empty handed, not feeling the need for any more ugly complexity in my life. It felt like trying on cheap shoes. Really… A screen the size of a wall, and I'm supposed to scroll? I don't think so.
No offense - I'm sure yours are exemplary - but taste isn't standard equipment on teenagers.
Welcome to America in decline, a sad culture where, desperate for crumbs, the state bribes the corporations which own it.
Consider that our media don't exist to inform or entertain us. They exist neither to lie nor to tell the truth. The primary purpose of all modern media is to sell advertising, and that's achieved by getting and keeping peoples' attention by any means possible. Everything else is secondary. People like cause and effect. We like to imagine we live in a comprehensible universe full of purpose and predictable outcomes. We like stories. In fact, we demand them because we...
$850. Wow. That's… what? The average plutocrat's weekly manicure budget for his/her left thumb? This struck me as a very reasonable price for the definition of "unlimited," and so I was inspired to purchase the definition of "two years" on eBay for $1.37. (Can you imagine? No one else bid.) Once I'd closed the deal, I called AT&T and told them I was tearing up my contract because I'd rather suck the snot from a dead neocon's nose until his rotten head collapses...
Oh thank God. I was so worried.It's ok to deceive customers into paying to help you develop your product so long as you really need to. I mean, if there's no other way, there's no other way, right? What's important is that the product ultimately be a success, i.e., that it make a huge profit. And waiting to sell something until it's worth buying is hell on cash flow.Now that it's 100% legal for anyone with the money to buy as many Congressman as he, she, or it can...
New Posts  All Forums: