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Any rumors about a 15" MacBook AIR??
  These assertions about Contacts and Mail are mostly inaccurate and misleading. You can search inside a group and Mail has rules.   While Contacts, Mail and Calendar would benefit from serious improvement in terms of functionality, they are useable. They clearly are designed with Apple's legendary mantra of "Keep it simple" in mind. However, they have lagged way behind and need a big refresh. There are serious functional weaknesses in Mail and Contacts that are...
Well, is the site really fixed? I just tried to log in and was rejected... actually, the site gave no response. Same after 3 tries. 
I don't understand how to detect this virus. Could someone explain to me how to do it?
For those that discovers their computer was actually infected with this virus, HOW did you detect it? When I read the info on F-Secure's site about this virus, I did NOT see any instructions/guidance regarding how to detect it.
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