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I don't have a Samsung phone. I hate my samsung DVD player. My Samsung front loading Washer and Dryer are the best I have ever owned.
Stop looking for look a likes. A good actor is a good actor. Hollywood make up artists can do what so many people seem to be hung up on.
Still waiting in Canada.
"Technology is supposed to be about inclusion, but sadly, patterns of exclusion remains the order of the day," Uh? I thought technology was about getting the best engineers and designers to forge paths into the future. What does that have to do with race, creed or color?
I assume he knows that because everyone knows that. You start listening to music before you learn to read. You listen to music while watch a movie, when you drive, while you are in a queue, as you are shopping. A book on the other hand is a lot of work for a bunch of lazy human beings.
"Analyst predicts Apple will transform notebook market with 12-inch hybrid 'iPad Pro' this fall"   Too late, notebook market has already been transformed. Analyst shmanalyst.
so the bottom line is... people with the more expensive devices have more money to spend.
I feel like buying your app just because of that last line!
for your information winter starts on Dec. 21st. So, Dec.1st to Dec. 20th is Fall. Winter: Dec. 21 Spring: March 21 Summer: June 21 Autumn: September 22 or 23
I've lost messages when moving them to a different mailbox folder. Gone Pffff bummer. I've been doing this for years when people send me stuff to a wrong address. This has never happened before Mavericks.
New Posts  All Forums: