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Same as all above. Leave your 5 year old in a car while you go to a liquor store?????????? It seems the more intelligent devices get, the more stupid humanity becomes.
Looks like something for people who want to take real pictures. Oh wait.... those people carry real cameras with them!
I'll would watch it on Netflix. If it's as bad as the previews... I don't have to feel I got burned and can just switch to another movie.
So-called "pros" ? I assume you are a So-called "fanboy" and you think you can do everything on your iPad or mac mini.    People are entitled to opinions, just as you are. Having a pro devision is like engine, brake, tire, oil manufactures participating in F1 racing. It is R&D and the technology moved forward in the pro devision trickles down to those toys you love using. 
I'm not saying the numbers are wrong... but where I am, I have never seen anyone (with the exception of my wife who bought an 80 $ piece of junk tablet running android)  use anything but iPads. I'm serious... I cant wait to see someone show a "high end" adroid tablet they actually use.
I just don't understand the pettiness.
Headline is a question... "Can Apple survive 2013?"   I will say YES!   and yes I did read the editorial but got bored and stopped. 
I'm sure you have a styrofoam sword you could go and play with.
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