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I'm wondering why so many people bring up the 30% that Apple charges for hosting, distributing, collecting sales and making payments to it's media suppliers. These people always make it seem that Apple is ripping someone off? Dont they realize that when they buy something in a store... that the store (depending on the location and product) is charging you from 15 to 60 %
quick guess: Apple 70 Billion in revenue.... Samsung 170 Billion in revenue. Be careful of what you wish. I love my Samsung washer and dryer (best i've ever owned) I love my Samsung TV (it's been running perfectly for 4 years) I hate my Samsung DVD player (software/firmware is crap) conclusion: will never buy a computer or phone from them.
That is such a stupid comment founded on misinterpretation of facts and I hope not to many try explaining the truth that you probably well know. Do you view your senseless trolling as playful mischief? Is it entertaining to you?
i have no words
1. Consummer Reports dont mean that much. Just as movie critics opinions don't mean much. Both are tools to get a head start on forming your own opinion. 2. Apple still gives a choice on matte screens on their laptops. They did remove that option at one point but started making them again after, it seems, that market required them too. The big complaint lately is no option for people who are in the market for an iMac. I've always bought towers, and never bought an Apple...
iOS 4 should not even run on 3GS All the older models i've seen running the iOS 4 makes the experience of having an Apple product not what it should be.
if you are not interested in commentary, why do you come here to ask "Does Apple do anything at all when a customer's private data is stolen from their devices?" ? Since this is a not Apple, or no Apple employees work here, all you are going to get is commentary and opinions. No facts here buddy. Just rumours and speculations and opinions and commentary.
I come here once a day to read up on tid bits of what might be coming along... as in rumours. I find the speculation entertaining. You're funny. Dont you have a life? So many posts trying to prove your point.
cant believe I got trolled ---- EDIT --> remove
Al Franken is a comedian. I bet you he thinks all of this is very funny. I personnally enjoyed how he stumbled on Tribble's name and when it got to be Tribble's name to give his testimony, Tribble screwed up Franken's name. The camera showing Franken clearly showed he got it and was smiling about it.
New Posts  All Forums: