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think I got trolled.
What exactly is unstable about iOS? I dont' mean annoying, not to your liking, stupid... whatever. Unstable= ???
Who said anything about not using your smartphone in public? People are careless, and leave their phone on a chair while they go to get a sip of water. When people claim their phone was stolen, I dont' think it's a hold up in most cases. It's negligence.
Do you lock your car doors? Do you put a  lock on your bicycle when going to get a coffee downtown? Do you leave your wallet on a table in a restaurant?   Phone (no matter the brand), laptop, mp3 player.    All the same thing. It's your stuff, be vigilant
People used to carry cash in their pockets, and that is what the thieves stole from you. I dont' think anyone ever blamed the monetary system for being responsible. Crooks are crooks. You have valuable stuff in your pocket? Be vigilant!
Many years ago, just playing with the radio while driving was considered distracting and dangerous. Anyone that thinks that they can text, talk on a phone handless or not is deluding themselves if they think some of their reflexes are not affected.   Cars a dangerous and using one merits ones undivided attention for the safety of others.
A fantastic ad! The satire of everything in the ad is spot on with the reality of the phenomenon in our society. The smarter the gadgets get, the more stupid people seem to be getting.
I assumed that meant terrorists and psychopaths. Not just unhappy shareholders.
I believe he is doing this for charity and will spend whatever time he has too with whomever wins the bid. The reason the auction is for 30 minutes to 1 hour with Cook, is specifically for this reason. A douche will get 30 minutes, a reasonable person will get 60 minutes. Or I hope for his sakes as it seems this might reach a million before it's over.
Or someone that bought stock at 70$ and is very happy to give to charity while counting his blessings.
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