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Or someone that bought stock at 70$ and is very happy to give to charity while counting his blessings.
Gimme the remote or I'll cut off your finger! What a stupid rumor of a stupid idea.
From everything I've read, China is extremely corrupt. (don't know if its worst than elsewhere) There is so much money to be made quickly. All this attention from authorities sounds as if Apple refused to buy off the right people at the right time.
The guy has taste. Let'sI hope he just makesit look good and drops all the fake wood and leather bullspit.
What a stupid tittle. It's not an iphone prototype. It is an ipad prototype. Jobs said they started working on the ipad first... and at one point they told themselves... "we could do a phone" and then back benched ipad development. The first time I heard him say this was at All Things Digital interview with Walt Mossberg.
Perhaps you should read this before writing stuff you don't know about.    http://www-sul.stanford.edu/mac/parc.html   Unless you are too lazy and just want to say what pleases you to make you feel better about a company you hate for no reason except your jealousy and wounded ego.
Leave it to governments to find a way to make something more expensive.
It was a joke. And actually, exactly the kind of joke that Jobs would have made in a keynote.
maybe Woz wasn't that short...
The number one reason I HATE amazon.com is that on at least three occasions, I have ordered a product listed as available, and was informed it would take 7 to 14 days... only to receive a notice 10 days later that it was no longer available.
New Posts  All Forums: