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The number one reason I HATE amazon.com is that on at least three occasions, I have ordered a product listed as available, and was informed it would take 7 to 14 days... only to receive a notice 10 days later that it was no longer available.
iNews24 How ironic. For a lawsuit "Samsung versus Apple" being reported by a news agency that had the very imaginative idea of sticking a small cap i in front of the word News.
On the contrary, they do think like engineers. Designers understand how people view things, and interact with them. (sometimes badly but that is another story) Engineers cant figure out why people would be confused by a totally different OS that can't run legacy apps since you did ad the letters RT at the end of Windows. How could our customers, although they have been using some sort of Windows OS for the past 20 years be confused... we clearly added RT which makes it...
It's a list of gadgets, not phones. So... the author can put his favorite things of anything that exists in gadget form.    I'm sure the times is pissing off subscribers that are samsung fan. As of the surface in # 7  spot... I've tried a samsung android tablet and did not like it as much as iOS iPad, but it was way better than the surface. Seemed jerky. 
"social" networks is the most anti-social invention of all time. Go out, talk to real people instead of having 1000 fake friends that are projecting a false image of themselves.
It might take 12 to 18 months... and then again, they might have started 12 months ago!
Not 70%, but,  doesnt' less than two percent seems a bit low to you? I pay about 30% in income tax.. and then, I pay 15% sales and service tax on everything I purchase. I wish I had made 4 billion dollars only to pay 2%  I dont believe in strangling companies. They need initiative to develop, grow, create employment. But I believe there is a civic duty for corporations.
 Barbara is a he?
You meant you prefer the former, or that you actually agree with Balmer?
Are you being childish or really not understanding what he meant? If there was no Woz= there would have been no Apple= therefore, this site would not exist. or 1+1=0
New Posts  All Forums: