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  It doesn't, just as any anonymous poster's opinion on these forums.
and your a lawyer? Your suppose to be able to muddle through the crap and confusion.     "posted on Thursday, September 20th, 2012 at 6:pm. PT Written by Jim Dalrymple   QUOTE: Additionally, we've learned an updated iOS 6 version of the Google  Maps.app has been submitted to Apple. END QUOTE   Nope."   Clearly Jim Dalrymple is quoting the above statement. And his answer "Nope" states that it is not true. Never mind the AI tittle and graphics which is just sensational to...
I also have one of these in perfect condition. But the new, shorter and no pinch release are cheaper than these. Sleeve has torn apart from 30 connector in no time. It still works fine, but I have been very careful with it since this happens. 
This interview is just so darn uncomfortable!
and AI should consider DaHarder to recuse him/herself for the same reason hehe
I was very surprised to see a Zune logo on the billboard. Do they still make those? I've never actually seen one in the hands of a person who bought it.   EDIT: never mind. Just looked it up. I see it's turned into an iTunes wanna be.
non issue. Cream rises to the top.
so you missed out on the "fregerators" 
That is an outrageous statement. Pharmaceutical  can patent but not tech? So a small guy, who has a brilliant idea.... gets it stolen by a big firm who can get it to market first, promote the heck out of it and make billions but too bad, your not selling drugs or something this old dude want. (I'm an old dude too, but me thinks this guy has shares in viagra)
you obviously know nothing about it. That's like saying you can't produce beef, you just put a cow in your basket and send you off to the cashier.
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