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yes really
Better do your math again. Or read the terms a little more attentively.
I'm Canadian and I've never seen it a PlayBook in anyone's hands. I saw one once at a stand in a mall... but it did not work.
there is no such thing as an itv all these comments are a waste of time.
Jobs did not write the biography. Since the biography held thousands of titbits we all already new, this would have been an interesting unknown chapter. Isaacson also interviewed people to write the biography. He did not write it all based on the interviews with Jobs.would have to ask Isaacson why this did not seem worthy... or perhaps this information was not released at the time of writting?
the feed is stereo, Gates is on left speaker and Bill Weir is on right speaker. Check your system.
One can be disappointed in a having a bigger failure.
Not a google fan at all but... to all those who are saying this is stupid, a waste of resource and that anyone who thinks this is worthwhile are idiots.... please take a step back and listen one more time to the think different commercial.... The world used to be flat you know.
unions.... a bit like communism. Sounds good, but does not really work in the long run. Good pay for shitty workers., Give the good post to the guy/girl with more seniority, not the person who is better. Choke the company if you don't get what you want. Get an education, work hard, be honest, you wont' need a union. You'll do fine. If a company mistreats you, screw them. Quit. Find one that treats you well. If a company does not pay you well enough, Quit. Find...
I actually freaked at the pricing this morning.. I ordered a new MBP on the 15 th and received it last friday. Configuring the same model comes out to be 300$ cheaper as of today. I called he online apple store to express my concern. I said I could legally return this unit for a full refund and place an order with the new pricing but would love a solution that was less of a hassle for all. They credited 300$ to my credit card. Happy camper.
New Posts  All Forums: