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Correction, It's a quote; "Good artists copy great artists steal" - Pablo Picasso
This implies that it was not the case in the past.
It's a smart statement to make. Too bad it is so obvious he is reading off a prompter. If you want to look like you are really talking to your customers, practice and give a good performance because a poor performance like this one just makes it fake. (you CEO's cant all be Steve Jobs') Better off to read a paper in your hands if you cant be charismatic.
oh never mind...
+1 I think if you don't think you get paid enough for your job, quit, find one that pays you enough.
You don't know what you are talking about. And since it has all been explained many times factually, without whining, I guess you will never get it.
This seems like another paid subsidized article. (infarticle)
Not as stupid as some apparently. It's more complicated than bitching in a forum.
You mean the reseller and the University itself does not understand universities? Apple has nothing to do with this.
I used MYOB for years. Then (in canada) Intuit bought it and quickly discontinued it. Then they dropped mac support pretty much all together.EDIT: I see there is now a Canadian option for accountEdge
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