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As in "infomercial" But I liked the fart part since the reporting was crappie.
Since they (Parallel's) have been sending emails and advertising on the web for a week. I can't see how this is a news story. Sure seems like an Infarticle and there should be a disclaimer so some users don't read the supposed article as an endorsement from people they think they trust with reporting facts. Or perhaps those claims are just rumours?
You mean like The Egyptians, The Mongols, The Romans, The Spaniards, The French, The English? No one stays on top forever. So unless you are willing to give a more precise time frame, your prediction is not too impressive.
Considering most store clerks cant' even give change without the cash register telling them what the amount is.... it's probably pretty hard. What do you do? are you into quantum physics?
You obviously know nothing about adoption, and how, it is sometimes the right thing to do for the new born. Once one of the parties has sent out an invitation to meet, it is always for the other to follow through. In this case, he has let his long given up child the knowledge he would like to meet him. If the son so decides, he can take the next step. This only makes sense as perhaps the child has no interest in meeting him.He does not claim to be his parent. He is the...
Are you just being cute? What I'm saying is that I found it irritating that I should replace my tower (2700.00) and laptop (1895.00) because they are taking away the sync feature I've been paying 100$ a year since there is a fee. It would be great if they just gave a bit of syncing capability to older machines. It would less smell like we are removing features so you addicted lazy people HAVE to buy new machines.
This would be very welcomed news. Leaving behind my G5 tower was one thing, but to have to also replace my Macbook Pro dual core was irritating. If a computer does what job it is intended to do, there is no reason to get better or faster. BUT... i do need sync between all my devices and the fact I could not use iCloud because it is tied to lion which cannot be installed on my laptop was the pits.
There is no way to prove it hasn't worked. Perhaps it would be down 12% without the wording in his letter. If there is one thing I've learned about Jobs over the past 25 years is that he puts his words in a certain order purposely. Always. And it usually has an effect on people.
I find it funny that everyone in your video is using Apple computers. I would bet they all have iPads now and love them and are proud they predicted this form factor would be a reality in mass at this point in time.
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