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He did say nation. Not country.
No it's not. I give full credit to Jobs for the focus, and vision of what Apple was to be, what it has become and what it will be in the future. (Not as sure as I like where it's going)I do. Jobs negotiated great deals as only he can. Because when he believes in something, everyone's opinion is beneath him, and he is smart enough to convince anyone he is right. That is built on a foundation that he is almost always right in his perceptive vision. Lassiter was at Pixar from...
I'm sure John Lassiter would not agree with that statement. Jobs dumped money into pixar for years. Then made the company public. Became a billionaire and eventually sold the company. He was management. Not creative department. This is not bitching. I admire Steve Jobs. But he had little to do with the greatness of Pixar.
Apple actually had the same campaign when they brought out final cut. I remember sending in my original Premier disc. Dont remember what the discount was, but it was huge.
Steve Jobs owned Pixar over ten years ago before he made it a public company. Then the shareholders owned it. He WAS ceo and did sell Pixar to Disney. I doubt pixar use macs for little else than send emails.
I've never seen ANY company refund a 300$ software.
I do agree it's a super price. But for those of us (you included) who have been using FCS since the beginning, and have paid for all the upgrades as they came out, to now pay the same has someone who is buying his first station leaves a bit of a sour note. Upgrades to FCS should be 299$ including Motion/Compressor.
I wish my toilet was earning 640 million Your quote is verbatim what people said about Apple in 1995. People said I was crazy to buy their computers. RIM have to worry and react, but to say they are finished seems premature.
".mac" never stopped working. You didnt have to change to "me.com"
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