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 Great idea! Welcome to the forum......
 i am not sure...it might be. But when the phone goes out and checks for mail or something like that it could refresh the weather at the same time.....just a thought.
 but this is done with the Calendar app....the icon reflects the current date. It would be great if the weather app displayed the temp based on current location.
 Great point about the 5 minute recharge....but at the same time it shines a spotlight for a potential thief and paints a target on your back when you walk away....
 Great advice......for all of us....but there are times when a response is needed...but under control and by the rules...
 yep...looks like a crime waiting to happen huh?
 Welll welcome to the posting party! :-)
 That was your first post? Since 2009? :-)
*****YAWN******** gonna be a long summer......
 exactly.....AT&T kept having me disable then reenable cellular data to have go out and attach to AT&T...that is not a fix but a work around. So I did a factory reset and set the ipad up as a new and did not restore from the previous backup in iTunes. This seems to somewhat fixed the slow data throughput on my iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: