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Aren't the Samsung ads similar to the famous "Im a Mac and Im a PC" ads? Aren't they both pretty negative and funny too?
I agree....they will release a lower cost iphone. :-) I also think you will see Apple gain back a ton of sales and market share with the release of 2 iphones.....
I agree.....Low cost does not mean cheap. I did not say cheap. C'mon the reports of a lower cost iphone has been all over AI and everywhere else on the internet. Are you saying they are NOT going to release a lower cost iphone?
But isn't Apple releasing a lower cost iphone? Seems like they care enough to compete in the lower cost space.....
Not sure..... do you have links to that data?       Another article on the same topic EDIT: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324170004578633951552047928.html
Just because you couldn't find then doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You stated Samsung doesn't report sales....like they were doing something underhanded of some sort. So back up your claims with data.
You are 100% correct. They report it as shipped equal a sale. If anyone needs more evidence then lets see what Apple themselves report in their own reports: Form 10-K Annual Report Filed Oct 31, 2012 by Apple Inc. Link: http://investor.apple.com/secfiling.cfm?filingID=1193125-12-444068 From page 26   Revenue Recognition Net sales consist primarily of revenue from the sale of hardware, software, digital content and applications, peripherals, and service and support...
Just search here on Ai.....you will find all the reported Samsung sales along with the Apple sales. There have been NUMEROUS articles that have the information. Here is one.... http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/03/samsung-galaxy-s4-reaches-shipments-of-20-million---report
But you proved my point....you said Samsung and other companies do not report those sales. You said: "Whether its shipped or sold, who besides Apple reports figures on a quarterly basis? It seems other companies like Samsung only do it when they feel like it and for certain products."
Really? Do you have data to back that up? I seem to recall AI reporting on Samsung quarterly reports of shipped items.....
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