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Wow! Great deal....unlimited slow everything for the rest of my life!
Maybe...but if you go to the used car dealership and ask for a Ford and drive away in a Dodge then its on you........you don't have to buy what you buy....
I agree....nice point. BTW...very nice pictures on your site! :-)
With the BILLIONS of dollars involved. I am sure VZW gets daily...weekly.....monthly...quarterly...reports on sales for all devices they sell. If anything you would expect them to mandate their sales staff to push the iphone.
you are right......but they are telling them too not sell iPhones then lose 14 Billion either..... Would that make sense to you? Instruct their sales people to steer away from the iPhone then lose 14 Billion dollars?
Actually, Verizon has said that they don't condone such behavior.    The reason for people pushing other phones is quite simple.  There's a lower commission on iPhones because of what Apple keeps for themselves.   Verizon salespeople say they make about $5-10 from an iPhone, versus $30-50 for others.  Best Buy salespeople say they get nothing for an iPhone;  instead they must make money from accessories.   http://jeffstern.co/2012/08/11/verizon-android-over-iphone/  
So that adds up to about what 20 million iPhones? Does that come off of the shipped or sold numbers then? So now is Verizon going to have a BOG4 sale?
With a new iPhone release right around the corner. Verizon is not selling as many iPhones as they committed to Apple. They could owe Apple something like 14 Billion.   http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-tn-verizon-on-hook-for-billions-in-missing-iphones-sales-report-states-20130710,0,7933563.story
they break if you do that! :-)
Sure....which iPhone are they talking about? Since Apple doesn't break those numbers down how can they be sure? Should we include all the previous Galaxy models too?
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