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With a new iPhone release right around the corner. Verizon is not selling as many iPhones as they committed to Apple. They could owe Apple something like 14 Billion.   http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-tn-verizon-on-hook-for-billions-in-missing-iphones-sales-report-states-20130710,0,7933563.story
they break if you do that! :-)
Sure....which iPhone are they talking about? Since Apple doesn't break those numbers down how can they be sure? Should we include all the previous Galaxy models too?
 no....you are correct...in that the S4 is being reduced beore th IP5. No disputing that point......but you can get it at reduced prices......But they only release the iPhone once a year. Samsung releases products much much sooner than that. thye can afford to reduce this model beacsue they have something else coming soon...that is good and bad......
 Oh....and you can find the iPhone 5 for $99 depending on where you look....like BestBuy..http://www.idownloadblog.com/2013/06/22/att-99-iphone-5-promotion/
 I know.... another supplier turned competitor....
 I agree...but how does Apple prevent this?
 naw....Inspector Gadget.....
WOW....you can get Apple products....in an Apple store first? It has to be a conspiracy........when high demand items are shipped to their own stores first? Oh dare they!   /s
LOL...i've read enough of your posts to have known that about you :-) When you get that shiny new Mac Pro please post back and lets all know what your impressions are! 
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