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Then let me explain it to you since you are not getting it.....you comment on all these iPhone threads when you don't a thing about what you asre talking about!!!! You are talking out your arse!! There does that make it simple for you now!!! So while you seem qualified to comment about the 1st gen iPhone because you own one.......but any other version and you have no ground to stand on! There is that even simpler for you!
Maybe...that hasn't been confirmed.......threw Verizon in just for grins :-) So you you just use the non US sim card in it for voice and wifi for data....so you have no experiences with high speed data connection through cellular or iPhone (or any phone that requires a data plan). It puts your comments about the iPhone completely in perspective now...all those comments. You have no real comparison since you only have a 1st gen iphone with no data plan..... Do you own other...
That is hilarious.....since ATT&T requires data plans... But you might be right that if you have the 1st generation iPhone it might not require a data plan. Knowing what phone and what experiences come with that will allow me to put your comments about the iPhone in perspective.......http://www.businessweek.com/the_thre...o_require.html Oh and Verizon too...http://technologizer.com/2008/11/03/...n-smartphones/
You are taking quotes out of context...and you know this to narrow the scope of the conversation. Are you saying that you have an iPhone? But you don't have a data plan with it? Who is your telecom? If you don't have ATT&T then who do you have with your iphone without a data plan? It is that simple.....because with either carrier I can show they have a DATA PLAN REQUIREMENT for their service. This is really not hard to grasp. Any other claims and you are talking out...
But that is NOT what you said. I don't think AT&T or Verizon will let you buy an smart phone without a data plan. Data plans are REQUIRED to buy an iPhone!You said this:"You can cap me all you want, telecoms. But I'll never buy a smartphone if I'm forced to have a data plan.I don't care how low your cap is, I don't care that you think you can collude on prices and throttle our speed and cap our service.You will never get my business if I'm forced to pay for a data...
so you don't own an iPhone....
no not so much....logigal yes...... using a model name of 4G would just confuse people and not differentiate enough for a new model. What would the "G" stand for? Faster cellular speed? Apple has never been about speed or numbers. Everything points (rumors anyway) to a new design for the next IP model. History of the last few releases also hints at a new redesign.
so says you....now look into your crystal ball and give us some more predictions...we are waiting.... We had the 3G then the 3Gs then the 4 now the 4s next conclusion would be IP5
There's an app for that......it's called Siri :-)
Soon the 4S will be the best selling phone in the US....next to the IP4 and 3GS....then best selling in the world once released globally. 1) IP4S 2)IP4 3)IP3GS
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