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There's an app for that......it's called Siri :-)
Soon the 4S will be the best selling phone in the US....next to the IP4 and 3GS....then best selling in the world once released globally. 1) IP4S 2)IP4 3)IP3GS
Mr Jobs your vision and truth will be missed. May you rest in peace!
The iPhone will continue to be the biggest selling phone in the world!
Did you actually read what you wrote? Let me point it out for you... See highlighted above.... So Android is first then Apple plays catchup! Thanks for pointing that out for us......
Thats funny.....you are touting as Apple successes things that Android already has...... Sorry but even the pro Apple website polls at WSJ agree... Android OS is preferred over IOS.http://online.wsj.com/community/grou...es-best-mobile
Exactly.... I do business casual to work everyday and the phone in my sig fits just perfect! I don't have to pinch and zoom (although i can) just to read anything on my phone. Next thing your going to hear is that Apple invented the voice control functions on smart phones. That will probably be the next round of lawsuits. Except the at Apple BOUGHT Siri. Fact isApple is just now starting to catch up to Android phones...... They had copy and paste, voice control, over the...
I know...T-Mobile is not getting the iPhone....and not all plans are the same......you got one right out of about 10.....
Need to be more like you? Kinda arrogant huh? Didn't you also predict Spint and T-Mobile were getting the iPhone? "Sprint just had internal documents released that they're upping their ETF to $350. Just like everyone else. So they're getting the iPhone. All that's left is to see that they're getting rid of the unlimited data plan and moving their prices to be identical to everyone else's."http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...=131377&page=2
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