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It is a cool app but I do wish they would allow you to pay with iTunes gift cards. That's how I buy everything. I don't have a CC on file.
That's good. It seems like they are having iCloud problems. Read an article about it.
I cloud doesn't seem to be pushing e-mail. Anybody else with that problem?
Thanks. That is what I thought.
My question was about Snow Leopard and iCloud. Office was just an aside.
Based upon what we know about iCloud will Lion be required or will Snow Leopard suffice? I'd like to run Lion. I currently have Core 2 Duo, which is the minimum, but who knows how well it will run Lion. Plus not all my apps are universal, so they wouldn't run under Lion. Don't have the money to buy a new copy of Office for example. Thanks for any insights.
In theory even with the same Apple ID each phone is unique and so is every iPhone backup. For example, my wife and I share a few apps, but everything else media and some contacts are different because we wanted different things on our phones, which is natural. So in theory iCloud should only set up and restore what was on that phone to begin with as iTunes does. It's going to ask what backup you want to use.
It's possible you can send reminders to a different user, but future updates may bring group features.
My wife and I are going to have a lot of these same issues. My wife is very non-techie so my plan is to switch all her apps to her iTunes account. She never updates her apps so it's easy enough to set it all up for her. She doesn't know or care. However, I can see a number of privacy issues if Apple does not allow more control over what is sent to the cloud. I'm excited with the changes, but unsure how it will turn out.
The other option is that icloud simply knows what you have and when you select a song it streams it much like Apple TV. You don't upload anything. The problem will be music that you did not buy off iTunes or rip from a CD I'm not sure how it would know if the metadata is messed up or not complete. It would also be hard for those with artists that iTunes does not carry. I'm not sure how Apple will deal with other data, apps, and I don't think movies are part of the deal yet.
New Posts  All Forums: