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Meh. It's a watch.  I don't wear watches any more, haven't since college.  I've got an iPhone, I can look at that if I want to know what time it is. I can't see myself ever wearing a watch again.
None, so long as you don't mind your data being completely insecure. I wouldn't ever use it for anything you consider personal or any financial information, though. And this Mailbox app was already a huge security risk, I can't imagine it would be any better with Dropbox involved.
No we do not.  The Mac mini is a desktop machine, it needs a more powerful chip, not a less powerful one. But we absolutely do need a new mini.  I've got ancient servers that I'm barely keeping alive, waiting on a new, more powerful mini to replace them.
No kidding. It was worth the extra money to buy a 15" or 17" MacBook Pro with an antiglare screen when it was available, I always strongly encouraged my clients to spend the extra.  But that no longer exists, Apple killed it when they killed the real MacBook Pros. It's insane.  I'm always having to move my computer or my head to get the screen adjusted just right to avoid looking at lights behind me.  And there's no reason for it, glossy displays are crap, and shouldn't...
Not willingly. It took a class action lawsuit to force them to do those repairs.  The same settlement affected Dell & HP. I suspect it'll take one here as well.  Nvidia seems to have serious problems building graphics chips that can handle the heat in a laptop.
Would be cooler if it gave you the option to integrate with a better map app, like Google Maps.
I was hoping somebody else would catch that.  And I don't care if you filter out the lines that the grill would cause, even if it's perfectly clean you're still losing light, and you're still getting a degraded image compared to what you'd get if you don't try to photograph through a metal grill. It's an absolutely horrific idea.
Seeing this got me curious, what did he get his doctorate in?  So I checked.  His Wikipedia article is really unclear on whether he actually graduated from high school.  No college education, certainly no doctorate.  He doesn't even have an honorary doctorate.  He's not a doctor of anything, he has no business using that title.
Does anyone really think Apple needs anything else this company has?  The employees are probably the best part of the deal - well, except for the audio engineers, they need to be fired.
I'm sure they will be.  I suspect that in Apple tradition any competing product will be removed from the store. Although the reality is that nothing actually competes with Beats for the stupidly expensive garbage product niche.
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