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Argh. Outlook sucks. Calendaring and email are NOT the same thing, and should NOT be in the same app, ever. Apple got it right, M$ got it wrong.
Where do people get this crap? I don't smoke weed, I don't enjoy it.  But it's not poison.  And it's not going to cause anyone psychological problems.
Ugh, no kidding on the green button.  For almost 30 years, the zoom box and later the green dot behaved perfectly - zoom to max content size, then zoom back.  Then 10.9 came along, and it no longer worked quite right all the time, it sometimes made the window take up the entire screen, which I never want.  Now with 10.10, they went from a bit wrong to abysmally stupid.  I do not EVER want any app but a video player or presentation program to go into full screen mode. ...
Why do people think Apple actually builds different models for different carriers?   It's the same hardware.  It's a software-defined radio.
Yeah, while I probably won't get an Apple Watch anyway (because I don't like wearing anything on my wrist), if Apple allowed ads to take over the display it would be the final straw that makes up my mind to never own one.   As it is, I'm still trying to decide if the usefulness overrides my hatred of things on my wrist.
I would love a 3.5" phone too!  The iPhone 3gs was the perfect size and shape, the 4 and 5 are too squared off, and the 5 is too big.  But the 3gs is too slow, otherwise I'd still be using it.  It's far more comfortable in my hand than newer iPhones. Oh, and plastic is the perfect material for a phone, it's much more resilient than metal when you drop it.  I have no idea why Apple thinks we should have metal phones that we then have to put plastic cases around. But I do...
Oh, and F*** Elgato.   They wanted FAR too much money for a mediocre upgrade to their TV software, it never quite worked right, and got uglier with their later releases.    And then they not only dropped support for their TV devices, but seemed to pretend they never existed.    I'm never buying one of their products again.
Why would I care? I'm interested in control, not statistics.
Yeah, I'm not an Aperture user, but plenty of my professional photographer clients are, and they are PISSED that Apple is dropping it. Crap like this is costing Apple some really dedicated long-time users.  I'm doing what I can to mitigate it, but Apple needs to stop this crap. Apple, support your high end customers.  They're why you're still alive today, and didn't go out of business in the late '90s.
Actually, QuickTime is only about 23 years old.  I had to look up the release date, since I played with the betas quite a bit, I didn't remember exactly when they went GM.
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