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That pretty well covers it.  No Facebook for me.
I don't understand the Google hate.  They have BY FAR the best search engine, and they're not really competing with Apple at all.  (Maps don't count, Apple's maps app is garbage compared to Google maps, there's no competition there.) But of course Microsloth is going to attack Apple, they're still trying to break into a market that Apple dominates, and they're having far less success than the last time they did that back in 1981. Now, if Apple could get their act together...
Remember?  Without something to point it out?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  That's a good one! A better solution is to pick a wife who isn't obsessive about past events.  Or at least one who has the good sense to understand that you're going to forget them, and remind you herself.
No, Tim Cook isn't listening.  Steve's Reality Distortion Field is still too strong with him. Maybe the next CEO will bring Apple back to reality on what people actually need in a professional laptop - or perhaps Apple will be too far gone by then.  They're already destroying their professional software market, Final Cut Amateur X isn't an acceptable product compared to Final Cut Pro, and they've killed Aperture completely.  They no longer make a real Pro desktop, they no...
There are several shipping services available that will let you buy at US price and have it shipped to you.  Some of them even operate in US states without sales tax so that US residents can avoid paying it.  I don't know how hard it is to avoid the UK tax, but I doubt the US shipping services care if you pay it or not, so they're not likely to mess up the forms for you if you're trying to avoid it.
F*ck BTO.  If the chipset supports 32GB (and you're right, I'm sure it does) and Apple is going to be retarded enough to solder the RAM (stupid, stupid, stupid), then they need to ship one configuration - 32GB.  There is no technical reason for RAM to not be socketed.  1600MHz RAM in SODIMM is readily available.
Because it's the only real MacBook Pro left?   I wish they still sold a 15" MacBook Pro.  There is NO current laptop in Apple's lineup that actually fits what I need, and what several of my clients need - an actual professional machine, one with an optical drive, upgradeable RAM, upgradeable hard drive, FireWire, and an antiglare screen.  I really wish they would bring back a couple of truly useful features from even farther back - the ExpressCard slot and the user...
Because copyright isn't at issue in this trial. And there will NEVER be a free market in books so long as copyright exists.  A government sanctioned monopoly on the text won't allow it.
No they didn't. Apple made a mistake buying Beats.  They're getting nothing innovative out of the deal. If Apple wanted good audio, they could have bought Sennheiser.  If Apple wanted streaming, they could have bought Pandora or Spotify - or just continued developing their own (superior to any of the others anyway) iTunes Radio service.
Pretty much this. Beats headphones are expensive crap, there's nothing premium about muddy, overcompressed, bass-boosted audio - and that's what you get from Beats headphones.
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