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You know, of the issues that cause problems on the iPhone, scratches are not a huge problem.   Apple should be more concerned about cracking - which means NOT using sapphire.   But more importantly, Apple needs to fix the water damage issue.  Apple put great effort into detecting water damage so they could void your warranty, but none into making the phone more water resistant.  I see far more water damaged iPhones than I've ever seen cracked ones.
So, there is already a product called "Touch ID".  It's a product that scans fingerprints to identify users to a computer system.   Apple ignored that trademark, and not only called their product "Touch ID", but attempted to trademark it, when it does exactly the same thing.   Um...    Why do you think Apple should be able to do that?    The way trademarks normally work is that when one company has one (Kronos) and another company decides that they're going to call...
Sometimes achieving the goal of diversity requires quotas. And when you're dealing with a creative company like Apple, the best qualified person for a job may well be a candidate who isn't necessarily the one with the best test score. 
Wait, you want to remove the user's data?  Yeah, that's not going to happen.  The user's data belongs to the user, not the app developer.
Eh, "new and popular" music is mostly garbage these days.  There's always some new and obscure music out there that's good, but maybe 1% of what's "popular" has ever been decent.  Keep in mind that "popular" music doesn't mean what people actually like, it means what they've been told to like by the radio overplay, as determined by the collusion of radio conglomerates and record labels.  Doesn't matter what's good, it's what got shoved down our throats for...
 I'm not a troll, and I AM Apple tech.  I've owned Apple products since 1982, I make a living working on Apple products.  I see what Apple does right, and I love it.  But I can see when Apple fucks up, and I'm willing to point it out.  And for the last few years, Apple has been fucking up on a pretty damn regular basis.  You want lack of level-headedness?  Look in a mirror.  Apple isn't going to give you a discount because you're sucking up to them. And no, it's not...
Yeah, but Apple's doing it now, so it gets a new patent.  What prior art?  There's no such thing where Apple's concerned. And of course there's the whole obviousness aspect, it's not like this wouldn't be obvious to a trained monkey, let alone someone skilled in the art.  This country needs real patent reform.
 Don't they, though?  I mean, when Samsung gets it right when Apple screws the pooch completely like they keep doing, it really makes me sick too. Hey, Apple, get a clue.  People NEED to be able to change their batteries sometimes.  I have two iPhones.  Why?  Because I can't change the battery.  I have to pop out the SIM card and move it to the spare phone when the battery dies.  It's completely ridiculous. Back in the dumbphone days, I had a Motorola RAZR v3xx, and three...
Mailbox is spyware.
 There's nothing unethical about avoiding paying taxes unnecessarily.  So yes, it's most certainly worthy of scorn and ridicule.
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