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I'm probably never going to touch 8.1.3, and I won't be loading 8.2 until there's a jailbreak.  iOS is just too damn limiting until it's jailbroken.  Once there's a jailbreak, it's a useful OS.
All of his posts have been completely asinine. Net neutrality through common carrier rules is a massive victory for the American people.
Yes, we actually won! The American people won for once! Freedom on the internet remains a reality!
Apparently we're getting messages posted from the past now, because you're too late, self driving cars are already happening, they're on the road now, with over a million accident-free miles just with the Google cars. It's WAY too late for them to not happen, they'll be for sale to the public in less than 10 years.
It's a stupid accessory, physical keyboards are a big part of why BlackBerrys are such crap. But it's also absolutely insane that BB got a patent on a qwerty keyboard.  Any patent on that keyboard should have expired well over 100 years ago.  That keyboard was designed in the 1870s, and simple modifications to it should be completely patent ineligible.
Argh. Outlook sucks. Calendaring and email are NOT the same thing, and should NOT be in the same app, ever. Apple got it right, M$ got it wrong.
Where do people get this crap? I don't smoke weed, I don't enjoy it.  But it's not poison.  And it's not going to cause anyone psychological problems.
Ugh, no kidding on the green button.  For almost 30 years, the zoom box and later the green dot behaved perfectly - zoom to max content size, then zoom back.  Then 10.9 came along, and it no longer worked quite right all the time, it sometimes made the window take up the entire screen, which I never want.  Now with 10.10, they went from a bit wrong to abysmally stupid.  I do not EVER want any app but a video player or presentation program to go into full screen mode. ...
Why do people think Apple actually builds different models for different carriers?   It's the same hardware.  It's a software-defined radio.
Yeah, while I probably won't get an Apple Watch anyway (because I don't like wearing anything on my wrist), if Apple allowed ads to take over the display it would be the final straw that makes up my mind to never own one.   As it is, I'm still trying to decide if the usefulness overrides my hatred of things on my wrist.
New Posts  All Forums: