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Maybe you can "accidentally" drop a wrecking ball on your head instead. That fountain is an important piece of public art.
Nigel Farage is racist scum.
I'm pretty sure they were $666.66, not $600.
AVOID INSTALLING THIS YET!!!   The jailbreak hasn't been updated for it, beware!
I'm not sure you're entirely wrong. Perhaps it is time for a shoot first system.  If a cop tells you to do something, shoot the cop dead. Maybe thousands of dead cops is what it's going to take.  Maybe that's the only thing that will get the message across to these thugs in blue that we're done with their brutality.  Maybe that will fix it. I sincerely hope not.  But the attitude that I'm seeing here suggests that maybe it is. Police brutality is out of control in this...
Why would you do that?  It's MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Apple Maps.
Argh.   Now I have to use external boot drives as well as external data drives.   I'll have to see what I can find for a 256GB Thunderbolt SSD, maybe I can still make this work.    I'm still pissed about the XServe, I'd really like to be able to buy one of those with two to four modern 12 core Xeons, dual power, modern full-GUI LOM, and 8 2.5" drive bays.  I have clients who wouldn't blink at dropping $6-12k for that, depending on config.  I don't want trash can...
Quote: Yes.  Yes I would like to live in that neighborhood. I'd like to have that trunk and that house. But while the physical world doesn't work that way, electronic technology has gotten us to the point that most people can have computers that can store data that way.  And it is a major advance in human achievement that individuals have access to encryption that only governments once had.  When the Constitution was written, the only way to eavesdrop on someone was to...
 Not going to happen in 2020, not going to happen this century.  Mouse + keyboard is an incredibly good user interface when dealing with a large computer screen.  It's not ideal for hand-holdable screens, but those will never be the majority of the human interface to computers.  Touchscreens are far less than ideal for a desktop screen, and absolutely unworkable for a wall-size screen. And desktop computing is not going away.  Some people have to do real work, not just...
Do you not understand at all? That's what's wrong with Windows 8 - M$ stupidly did a complete departure from the old way of doing things. Apple needs to learn from that, and NEVER make the same mistake.
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