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I REALLY want to see a new mini soon, if Apple doesn't come out with a new XServe.  I've got some older servers that need to be replaced, the new Mac "Pro" is completely inappropriate (I don't need dual video cards in a server, I need redundant boot storage, and I don't like that being external.  And a server shaped like a trash can is just stupid.)  An iMac is a great workstation, and I'd love to see lower cost iMacs, spreadsheet jockeys, lawyers, legal secretaries, and...
We had no choice.  The security hole forced it.   If 6.1.6 were available on my devices, you'd better believe I'd upgrade from 7 to 6 in a heartbeat.   7 is incredibly ugly, and has less functionality.  It's the first release of iOS that's making me seriously consider Android for my next phone.
You do realize that no one in his right mind EVER pays that, because you will NEVER be audited on it, right?  Have you ever heard of anyone being audited on personal internet purchases?  Ever?  I'd be surprised if it's happened even once. And in my state, there's nothing to audit.  The feds don't give a crap if I pay state sales tax.  There is no state income tax.  So yes, if I buy something online from out of state, it is tax free.
Yes, of course.  You wouldn't have to deal with the stupid "safety" "features" they're putting in to keep you from doing what you want to do with your technology when you want to do it.  You would be able to use the controls on your car without having to go through an app.  And you wouldn't be tied to the crappy manufacturer stereo if you didn't want to be.
Not believing it.  Those icons look WAY too good.    Apple's been crapping it up so much lately that there's no way they're going to use icons that look that nice.
Forget it.   Since they started charging sales tax here, I wouldn't consider prime at $9 a year, let alone $99.   I only buy things that aren't eligible for prime from them now, since they don't charge sales tax on those.
 Yeah, the snowblower company probably has a blanket liability policy. Apple almost certainly doesn't have insurance, though.  They're big enough to self-insure.
About time.   Oh, and those of you complaining about it:  Boo Hoo.  You'll have to hear someone talking.  Poor baby.
Because rules are made to be broken. Actually, it's because it was an arbitrary and stupid rule, and the best way to get rid of arbitrary and stupid rules is to disobey them as frequently as possible. I really don't understand why the concept of "because it's a rule" is so slavishly obeyed by some people these days.  You're a human, not a sheep, stop acting like a sheep.
No, they're really not credible. And yet, Apple somehow decided to stupidly copy their ugly flat look with iOS.  Why is Apple trying to copy M$?  Oh, and it's not exactly inaccurate to call iWork "watered down" because it is.  It's not nearly as powerful as the dungheap that is M$ Office.  Apple could fix that, but they haven't been trying.  People really do want that feature mix, and if it were in a decent program, Apple could take over the office software market.
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