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 Not going to happen in 2020, not going to happen this century.  Mouse + keyboard is an incredibly good user interface when dealing with a large computer screen.  It's not ideal for hand-holdable screens, but those will never be the majority of the human interface to computers.  Touchscreens are far less than ideal for a desktop screen, and absolutely unworkable for a wall-size screen. And desktop computing is not going away.  Some people have to do real work, not just...
Do you not understand at all? That's what's wrong with Windows 8 - M$ stupidly did a complete departure from the old way of doing things. Apple needs to learn from that, and NEVER make the same mistake.
You would be wrong... http://money.cnn.com/2014/06/11/news/economy/middle-class-wealth/
I still don't understand why no one has filed a class action suit over this yet.   It's insane that Apple prevents installing an earlier, better operating system. 
This won't kill Thunderbolt.  Thunderbolt is still a good standard, and Thunderbolt 2 is twice as fast as USB 3.1 - and it's only going to get faster.   It will kill Apple's stupid proprietary Lightning connector, though.  And good riddance, it never should have been developed in the first place.  And what's worse, Apple knew they shouldn't have done it, they were part of the consortium that picked the micro USB connector as a standard in Europe.    At least it'll be...
Spindler and Sculley were both crap CEOs.  Bringing back Gil Amelio might be a good next step. I'm pretty sure I've said before that iTunes Radio is already superior to every other streaming service I've touched, and I don't think it needs any changes.  I've also pointed out that Beats headphones are overpriced garbage that sound terrible, and the rest of the Beats hardware products are a joke. And yes, landfill the headphones.  That crappy brand of headphones being owned...
I'd wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat if it's above 70 while I'm sleeping, I try to keep it below 68 at night.  I'd rather have the bedroom at around 60 while I'm asleep, I'm perfectly ok with it dropping into the 50s if it's cold outside.  I'd like it to go up to maybe 72 about the time I wake up, then back down to 70 as I get moving. I could let non-sleep areas creep up in the summer, wouldn't be a problem at all.  I'd have to put zoning dampers in,...
Good.   Buying Beats was stupid.  Dump the headphones (preferably in a landfill, they're crap), absorb anything useful (I doubt there's much) from the streaming service into iTunes Radio, and write off the loss.
So what needs to change on it?  I don't think a $99 device is going to support 4k this year, and that's about all the hardware is lacking at this point. Now, a new Mac mini - THAT's overdue.
What kind of lunatic raises the temperature when they go to bed?   Yeah, I want to sweat all night.  Sounds lovely.  Not.   Now, lowering the temp when I go to bed, that's more like it.
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