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Well, you're as entitled to post here as I am, provided we keep to the rules of this website's moderators.Yes, we each have our opinion and our experience; I will challenge people here if they post things that seem illogical or untrue. I'll be on your back if you tell me it's easier to pay £20 with 50 pence pieces than with a single £20 note.Today I used Apple Pay at a terminal with my 6S. I just pulled out my phone with one hand, by chance I gripped my phone with the...
 Yes, I  too tried the Apple Watch on the Underground during the first few days of launch.  My experience has been it can fail to recognise twice or three times before you're finally able to open the gate.  I daren't use it during rush hour or at busy stations!  I've had the same experience with contactless payment cards at the Underground gates too so maybe it's not the Apple Watch per se but how the London Underground system interfaces to the financial card system. In...
 Hmm, your problems with Apple Pay seem rather contrived: I've found it fast and easy to use most of the NFC terminals with the Apple Watch.  I've just upgraded to a 6S and discovered the Apple Pay activated merely by bringing the device close to the reader with my thumb on the button. Carefully aiming for the button with my thumb whilst balancing the phone on my fingertips?!  Don't insult our intelligence, the iPhone didn't come out yesterday!  People seem to manage just...
You can use Apple Pay at any retailer with contactless terminals that accepts your contactless cards.Presumably those with explicit support of Apple Pay have the potential to allow Apple Pay payments higher than the £30 contactless limit.
Apple Pay accepts VISA Debit cards issued by the supported UK financial institutions.
Really?My experience within London has been the opposite; I think we're close to the point in London where non-NFC terminals are in the minority.Presumably the major retailers, Boots Pharmacy, Waitrose etc have rolled out their NFC and Apple Pay support nationally.Again I'm disappointed to read that someone thinks Apple Pay is limited to £30.I think it will be useful for Apple to display a list of retailers who've updated their systems and support Apple Pay transactions...
Maybe that's what Apple felt about bringing Apple Pay to Canada too.
Didn't have to wait long for my prediction!
a) don't make presumptions about anybody's nationality.b) related to a) don't make presumptions about what people do in any country.c) look at every single previous article about Apple Pay in Appleinsider: you will find a post in the comments grumbling that Apple Pay isn't available in Canada yet. Unless Tim Cook and the directors of Apple read Appleinsider comments, there's nothing any of us can do about Apple Pay availability, so it's whining.
At last! Now we'll get Canadians whining in every Apple Pay topic when VISA and MasterCard can be used with Apple Pay in Canada, instead of Canadians whining in every Apple Pay topic whining when Apple Pay is coming to Canada.
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