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That's the thing, using Apple Pay with the Watch is simpler and faster, double tap on the button, place your wrist next to reader, payment taken and job done.When you said you're a surgeon I presumed you already had your MRCS in the bag.Oh well, you're not far off now and certainly further than most!
Your honest opinion, sample size n=1.It's easier and faster using Apple Pay on the Apple Watch than fumbling around taking wallets from pockets and cards from wallets.I thought you surgical doctors didn't have time to waste standing around!Speaking of which, speciality and college?
How disingenuous of you.From the same article:
Good point.  I wasn't sure and I was foolish in presuming whoever had written the article had got it right. Also has the deal been done solely with the Currys subsidiary, or with the parent company, Dixons Carphone?  Hopefully it's the later so that Apple Watch can be sold at Dixons Travel, PC World and Carphone Warehouse too.
Hopefully this means the Apple Watch will soon be available duty-free in Dixons (a brand of Curry's) at the airports.
I don't get why you waste time spamming the discussion about Apple Pay in the UK with whining about when (if?) it arrives in Canada.It really adds no value nor insight to the discussion.You can use your time and words more productively by lobbying Apple Canada and your Canadian banks.
You are not comprehending the situation in the UK and / or what is being written here.UK issued bank cards, i.e. VISA, MasterCard American Express, cards do not require a signature when used to pay at UK terminals, irrespective of amount paid or whether contactless or not.The card holder's PIN is used to verify when it is needed, i.e. Non-contactless cards, amounts higher than £30 on the contactless cards, the random check on a contactless card.I've outlined in a previous...
I don't get where you think Apple Pay or any other contactless payment in the UK requires a customer's signature in any situation.The only cards issued by UK banks which will require a signature are the Chip and sign cards specifically requested or issued to customers who have difficulty with PIN pads.They're so rare the general UK public aren't aware of their existence.Another possibility is where the chip in the chip and pin card has become unreadable and the terminal...
There are few things few people in the developed countries do that are physically demanding, hence the obesity crisis.The key learning point with Apple Pay for a retailer is that making it easier to pay means your customers are more likely to spend.I myself find I prefer shopping at the contactless retailers because it makes for a better shopping experience for me.Ease of payment can be the key differentiator in a competitive market where prices are the same and margins...
It is much faster and easier to pay using the Apple Watch than fumbling with wallet and card, especially when you're already carrying something in your hands.
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