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It's been such a crappy day today with the terrorist attacks in Paris and this crash. My sympathy and condolences to the injured and bereaved.
I thought you were from the United States, land of the free? Yet you're content with someone who isn't in law enforcement carrying out an unconstitutional search of your property and detention of yourself on the suspicion you may have stolen something?I thought the USA still held onto the concept of innocent until proven guilty.Besides, what can someone actually pocket and run off with from an Apple Store? An iPhone or two, or an iPad at best. Well, there's the Apple...
Apple Pay transactions greater than £30 don't require PIN or Passcode at the retailers and card processors who have done the required upgrades to their systems, Pret a Manger being one of them.
Where did you get these prices from?As of the time I'm writing this, 23:30 on Monday 9th, there's no pricing available on Apple UK's webpage for the iPad Pro, nor within the iPad Pro section of the Apple Store app.
That's a bit of a reach, many people doesn't mean "every people", it doesn't even mean the majority of people.There are many people for whom a desktop or laptop computer may well be overkill.There will still be a market for those, even for OS X or its "desktop" descendent, just as there's still a server and mainframe market.
It's frustrating and annoying that Tim Cook is in the UK giving interviews, yet Apple UK is yet to reveal iPad Pro pricing in the UK two days before its launch here, assuming of course, it is launching this week alongside elsewhere in the world.
 Apple Pay is in the EU as it's active in the UK. As the second largest net contributor to the EU Budget, you'd definitely financially miss the UK if it wasn't a member of the EU.
Seriously?  Unlike putting petrol in a car, most computers require at least a screwdriver to open the case before you can can even consider changing the RAM. You say my example of welding the extra body is bizarre, yet you equate RAM in a computer, which doesn't have to be replenished for the computer to function, with gasoline (petrol), the fuel which is expended with the use of the vehicle and has to be constantly replenished.Petrol is to the car what electricity and...
this is where your analogy falls down; your needs have merely outgrown what the computer is capable of providing, equivalent to someone who now has a family of seven no longer able to carry his family in his car that seats four.The computer and the car are still both perfectly functional.Most people will go and buy a new larger vehicle once they reach that stage; you're advocating welding a bigger body and some extra seats onto that car of four.If the engine is powerful...
Can Apple Pay in the USA be used at any VISA/MasterCard/American American Express contactless NFC payment terminal?If so then the number of retailers may be wider than those who give their public affirmation of support.In the UK it's possible to use Apple Pay at any contactless terminal which accepts the respective VIsa, MasterCard or American Express cards.
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