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  Seems we've got here a Mexican standoff leading to economic MAD! cnocbui, the EU losing US tech companies will be like someone losing their brain or their heart; there's no EU computer manufacturer that could fill the void in the public sector left by all those Dell and HP boxes.mstone, your scenario won't be healthy for VISA, Mastercard, the airlines, Boeing and the American economy. Businesses on both side of the Atlantic share one thing in common, the need to make...
 EU fines Microsoft $731 million for broken promise, warns othersSource: Reuters, Wed Mar 6, 2013.
For what purpose?The printing division was one of the first departments Steve Jobs closed down on his return to Apple.Apple appears to have since performed okay without it.
I strongly suspect the poster is a troll.I doubt he uses any iOS device, or for that matter, anything from Apple.Expect the troll to reply with how the troll has purchased every single item for the past ten years from Apple.
Oh I suspect they do but for the same reasons people read the Onion and the National Enquirer - to unwind and to have a good laugh at all the comedy.With jokers like jpd514 there's plenty to keep Apple amused.Didn't Steve Jobs at one or two keynotes have some slides poking fun at fanciful iPhone rumours?He must have got the inspiration from somewhere.
 A micro projector and optional portable tabletop projection screen potentially address all your concerns better than ANY 17 inch screen and can be used with ANY size of laptop. They may even be a factor in why Apple discontinued the 17 inch MBP and 17 inch laptops are rare generally.
 Oh, so you can now run Parallels, VMWare Fusion, Virtualbox and Xcode on an iPad?
What is your definition of a netbook?I'm surprised nobody has asked you before.
With the release of these updated Airs I doubt Apple will release a Retina Air this year.   I feel there is little physical difference between the 13 inch Retina Macbook Pro and the 13 inch MacBook Air. The retina isn't tapered and a millimetre thicker than the Air's thickest point, 200g heavier (the weight of a large chocolate bar) and actually slightly narrower than the Air, yet it offers much more.   A retina Macbook Air this year will blur the lines too much...
New Posts  All Forums: