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 The most amusing thing is how you contradict yourself with your efforts. You cite Windows 8 as a major update because of improved multi-monitor support and updated style of apps,yet Mavericks is a minor update because it offers improved multi-monitor support and updated apps?
 Thank you for agreeing to my original point. All capable Macs purchased from 2009 still running Snow Leopard get the latest Mavericks for free.Four years' worth of updates to OS X. Most machines purchased from 2009 still running Windows 7 will need a paid upgrade to Windows 8
 All the better for getting a Mac rather than a Windows machine. Apple unconditionally gives for free a substantial update to Mac OS X. Conversely most Windows users have to pay for a minor update.
 You're wrong.  Consider November 2009 when Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard were available.If you bought a Windows 7 machine then you'd have to pay Microsoft to upgrade it to the current Windows 8.1.If you bought a Snow Leopard Mac in 2009 then the upgrade to the current Mavericks is free.
so who invented Firewire and Quicktime then?
 What makes you think they're any better; have you fallen for Putin's propaganda? Go to Russia and dare to complain like you're complaining now.They'll spy on you as much as the NSA and personally teach you a whole new meaning to "backdoor access".
It's incredible how surgeons use iPad toys for consuming content; others use real computers for real work creating content to be the next flavor of the day on the blogs, in the cinema or on YouTube.
I suggest you read http://www.theonion.com to find out.
  because you suggest where you live has this intrusive government that makes life insufferable.  Move to a place where you're free to live your life free of government.   If you do not then you're admitting that life in the USA is still better even with its intrusive government than life elsewhere without a government. But then in doing so, you're accepting that an intrusive government isn't the worst thing you can face in life.   And in Serenity, unlike Earth, they had...
New Posts  All Forums: