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As an Australian, unless you're an Aborigine, aren't you benefiting from a country stolen from its original inhabitants?
Not when you're a business dealing with thousands of notes and coins.There's the extra cost of counting, sorting, storing, transporting and securing large quantities of money.In contrast it's just as easy to electronically transfer 500,000 euros as it is 500 euros.
Therefore the company can be more productive by allowing workers to be away from work, recuperate and return when they're back to peak efficiency, freeing up space in their absence for other workers to work at peak efficiency.There is a cost and risk to recruitment too.It's far more productive for a company to look after workers it knows to be productive and talented than to be endlessly recruiting workers who, as the unknown factor, have the potential to reduce company...
Deleted duplicated post.
So are you suggesting the more time people spend at work the more productive they will be?In which case chain them to their workstation and restrain them from all non-work activities such as sleeping, eating and going to the toilet.
Taking your rationale to its most logical extreme results in the most profitable company providing its entire workforce no more than statutory minimum wage for fear of a future fall in profitability.The reality is that companies and their workforces will adjust accordingly to their conditions and outlook. A struggling company with an understanding workforce will reduce perks or even layoff staff for survival of company and the workforce.The trick is getting the balance...
Sadly it seems it's all they're capable of doing.
 as if you actually cared... from "Foxconn may replace 'iPhone 6' assembly line workers with 'Foxbot' robots.
Speak for yourself, I hope you don't work in a career that is time dependent or relies on timetables such as healthcare, transport or even the military.
[quote name="anantksundaram" 'Every major airline'? Try finding on Passbook (just naming some of the bigger international ones, FYI) KLM/Air France, Southwest, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Airlines, LAN-TAM, Qantas, Korean Air, Are Lingus, Ryanair, China Air, SAS....[/quote] KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas and SAS do have Passbook enabled apps; maybe they're not available in your region for some reason.
New Posts  All Forums: