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I'm with jfanning on this one, when someone says they've been to Czechoslovakia with a phone made not more than four years ago I'm left wondering, did they go to the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, to both countries or to neither?
 This persistent meme is incorrect that the $150 million purchase of non-voting Apple stock by Bill Gates's Microsoft bailed out Apple.At the time (Aug 97) Apple still had $1230 million in cash and equivalents: Microsoft and Apple Affirm Commitment To Build Next Generation Software for MacintoshApple Inc. Form 10-K Annual Report, Filed Dec 5, 1997 
I went to the same London 2012 Olympics.I was giving a flag by Samsung promoters with Samsung on one side and the Official Olympic logos on the other side.I later went to an Olympic event to be told that "I couldn't keep that flag".I reminded the Olympic Apparatchik that "Samsung is an official Olympic sponsor",To which he replied "Yes, I know, but they didn't sponsor this particular event so their advertising is forbidden" and then ripped my flag!So much for respect of...
 Apathetic or not, it certainly has forced change. Before the Macintosh most PC users were using Command Line Interfaces, after its launch to now, most people using the Graphic User Interface. Microsoft Word and Excel were originally created for the Macintosh; Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect were already well entrenched on the IBM PC.  Macintosh inspired Bill Gates and Microsoft to create Windows.  No Macintosh, no Office, No Windows, maybe even no Microsoft? Macintosh...
 Life itself is a gamble.  There is a risk of dying each time you drive or step into the street.  There's a risk of dying from just staying at home. You argue there's a risk of upgrading an iPhone 4S to iOS7 and therefore people should be wary of doing it, but then how's that different to the risk of upgrading any phone if the proportion of severe failures are small?
as opposed to the spy ware built into every Android device by Google?Probably saved the NSA the effort of creating the app for Android; all they had to do was tap the Google servers.Nevertheless their Android app has probably already been deployed, even criminals have made malware to rob Android users.Not forgetting all those Android apps with dubious permissions sending and receiving info without the user's knowledge.Oh, and if you didn't know already, the NSA makes its...
 hobbyists usually don't factor in their own time and resource spent into the cost of a system assembled using parts at retail prices. It's very doubtful that any commercial competitor, which are all in poorer financial health than Apple, will be able to negotiate a better parts price to build an equivalent machine. Apple has enough CASH to purchase the entire production run for a year and still not blink, assuming a million top of the range Mac Pros are produced with a...
  the NSA isn't alone in breaking Blackberry security: - Snowden leaks show UK and US spies have cracked BlackBerry's BES encryption- BlackBerry Enterprise Server vulnerable to dangerous TIFFs- BlackBerry outage floors many BES enterprise services​ So I pose the rhetorical question once again, what does Blackberry provide you can't get with other systems? 
Rhetorical question, what can Blackberry's messaging service offer which can't be done by Android, iOS or even Windows Mobile?
Blackberrys certainly don't deserve the credit of being the smartphone before smartphones when they were preceded to market by equivalents from Nokia (Communicator range), Ericsson/Sony Ericsson (R380, p800) and Handspring/Palm (Treo).I'd go as far as to say the only innovation the Blackberrys brought to market were the BES secure messaging features, otherwise the Treo and Nokia Communicators were already more capable devices than the Blackberrys.
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