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  That's a good point.  It's all the more remarkable when you consider that the higher resolution photos, videos and retina display graphics use up more storage space than the camera and graphics in the original iPhone.   Could it be that those who are buying the 8GB models are: Not interested in taking pictures and videos but merely using the device for internet or as a feature phone? frequently transferring stuff to their computers? making good use of the wi-fi and...
  Eh? Siri has language support for French, German Japanese as well as English within Australia and the United Kingdom (which contains England). Apple has a reasonable record of implementing regional features and languages, even if they do take their time about it:  I've noticed they've recently added Slovak to Lion and presumably Mountain Lion, a language spoken by at most six million people.   They seem to be taking their time implementing a Chinese language into Siri...
  That's unreasonable of a carrier to charge you the cost of a three year contract for a SIM card that's costs less than $10, especially when they're losing income whilst you're unable to use their network.   It's pretty stupid behaviour by them at the time you're free to switch to another carrier.      
    Does this mean that if somebody sold their shares today on Tuesday, they'll still be receiving a dividend on Thursday?      
    So Apple should fire the whole lot of Londoners including a certain Sir Jonathan Ive?   Whatever ignominy you suffered at the London Olympics doesn't justify your sweeping statement any more than it's acceptable for me to say fire all women or worse.        
    I'd go further and suggest it may be no more than a reversible USB 2.0 connection - what we see as 16 pins could be in reality eight pins, with each pin showing on both faces.   The 8 pins themselves could be carrying only four pairs of signals, each pair consisting of the same signal on the left hand side and right hand side, that way it doesn't matter which way the connector is plugged into the port, just like on the MagSafe.   I believe this is the nature of the...
  Yawn, this tired old counterproductive attack on the iPad.   Fundamentally a drinking glass, a bucket and a swimming pool are the same - containers of fluid. By your logic a swimming pool is just a jumbo bucket and a bucket is just a jumbo drinking glass.   Yet it's unlikely Michael Phelps will be swimming in a drinking glass any time soon.    
  Speaking of which, how many other non Apple devices uses the Micro SIM sized card? I remember the first SIM cards were the size of credit cards, it underlines how far mobile phone technology has progressed over the years!   It also illustrates how much smaller mobile phones have become, which is why I'm puzzled why some people want to walk around with huge phones again. But that issue is another big can of worms.  
  By your logic brick and timber merchants will have the right to use any building built with materials they've sold.  
  Seeing that the site is called Appleinsider, it may surprise you to realise it's in the site's own interest to see that Apple Inc remains in good form.   Case in point, visit Palminfocenter after the demise of Palm Inc and HP WebOS.   There are plenty of general tech sites and also those which focus on Windows Android etc. I suspect the Windows or Android sites don't worry about whether they're covering Windows or Android objectively compared to Apple's products.   Yet...
New Posts  All Forums: