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Blackberrys certainly don't deserve the credit of being the smartphone before smartphones when they were preceded to market by equivalents from Nokia (Communicator range), Ericsson/Sony Ericsson (R380, p800) and Handspring/Palm (Treo).I'd go as far as to say the only innovation the Blackberrys brought to market were the BES secure messaging features, otherwise the Treo and Nokia Communicators were already more capable devices than the Blackberrys.
He's also notably the first person in public to have received the new Mac Pro.   When will the ordinary ones follow for the other buyers?
It's ironic you accuse me of ignorance when all of what you state about me is factually incorrect yet you state it as if it were true.You continue with your personal attacks on me, in contrast I was not attacking gabberattack personally per se, merely seeking to clarify, one aspect of his account that, to me, seemed a touch incongruous.I think friends and family will find your false assertions that I've not been to those places most amusing.You don't know me.
My point was that they're not from the Soviet Union NOW! There isn't a Soviet Union as of 2013 that anybody can currently be a citizen of now.Oh, and for the record, the Soviet Union didn't officially come into being till Dec 1922, so somebody born between 1917 and Dec 1922 wasn't born in the Soviet Union at the time.
 I wasn't debating whether Czechoslovakia was a communist country, please read my posts carefully again. Another point to consider is that adults who are now in their late thirties would have only experienced as adults the final days of the communist regime. It is only those in their late forties or older who can narrate what their direct experience, as adults, of several years of the communist system. As for your second question, it is very relevant when you look back to...
 Carrying on with our tangential pedantry, Gabberattack used the present tense, I am from Czechoslovakia, not I was born in Czechoslovakia. It made me wonder because, as you've pointed out, despite Czechoslovakia not existing for the past 21 years, there are people who still think it exists. It just seemed odd relating your current position to what was past.It's like a Kazakh stating I am from the Soviet Union. You can take that statement one stage further by declaring...
I think those debating to what degree Mandela was a terrorist or not are overlooking the greater picture:   The perpetrators of Apartheid decided to  use their position of power to oppress and inflict state sanctioned terror upon the majority of the South African population.   Mandela, having reached his position of power, was in a position to inflict terror upon those who had been the oppressors.  Yet he chose to use his power to try and bring all within South Africa...
 that's interesting as Czechoslovakia no longer exists.
Actually most MacBooks and MacBook Pros from late 2008 together with iMacs from early 2009 onwards can use AirDrop as well.See http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4783
 There's a good point.  I think one of the daftest things I'd occasionally experience was a website with nothing but the black box demanding you install Flash.  That is poor website design: it's so easy to put web code pointing to alternative non-flash text and links. Anecdotally there was a restaurant chain which had such a poor website.  I thought I'd look at the website again today.  The bad flash-based website has gone but so have several of its  branches.  Maybe that...
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