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Another lesson here, a web store using Flash is either shooting itself in the foot, or willfully ignoring at least 80% of mobile customers.
The UK online store is quoting 1 to 3 days wait for the wi-fi 16 and 32 GB models, all other retina minis have a 5 to 10 day wait time.
 then later posted by jobsonmyface Hypocrite!Good riddance!
If they had adopted the current naming convention a couple of years earlier it would have been nice to have seen Lion called Cupertino instead, in honor of 25 years of the Macintosh.   On reflection there was a 20th anniversary Mac (presumably for 20 years of Apple), but no 25th anniversary machine.   What a 25 years it has been, albeit 12 to 15 years of OS X depending on where you draw the line.   Mavericks makes it a joy to use a Mac, not that it's ever been...
 The most amusing thing is how you contradict yourself with your efforts. You cite Windows 8 as a major update because of improved multi-monitor support and updated style of apps,yet Mavericks is a minor update because it offers improved multi-monitor support and updated apps?
 Thank you for agreeing to my original point. All capable Macs purchased from 2009 still running Snow Leopard get the latest Mavericks for free.Four years' worth of updates to OS X. Most machines purchased from 2009 still running Windows 7 will need a paid upgrade to Windows 8
 All the better for getting a Mac rather than a Windows machine. Apple unconditionally gives for free a substantial update to Mac OS X. Conversely most Windows users have to pay for a minor update.
 You're wrong.  Consider November 2009 when Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard were available.If you bought a Windows 7 machine then you'd have to pay Microsoft to upgrade it to the current Windows 8.1.If you bought a Snow Leopard Mac in 2009 then the upgrade to the current Mavericks is free.
so who invented Firewire and Quicktime then?
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