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 Reread the quotations within my earlier post for the two retailers who are definitely taking transactions over £30 with Apple Pay.I am also surprised nobody's mentioned the elephant in the room, the Apple Stores in the UK, presumably there's no limit on their Apple Pay. As with anything else in life, there are degrees of diligence and competency, hopefully as training and expectation rises so will familiarity and convenience.  When working well it is convenient for both...
  You've got your facts wrong: it is the merchant's terminal and/or card processor imposing the £30 limit, not Apple Pay. There are already retailers in the UK accepting Apple Pay for amounts higher than the £30 contactless limit.https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204958
 Why would Apple waste time and resource creating an upgradeable LPDDR3 interface standard which is less reliable than soldering into place?As for RAM issues, few people will have the computer knowledge to realise that badly seated RAM is the cause of their problems.  Even fewer will have the confidence to open the computer, much less unseat and reseat the RAM. Yes, soldered on RAM chips are a point of failure, just like any other chip on the motherboard.So why not put all...
Can you define what you mean by "behind many different OSes".I'm don't see how referring to IBM's many different OSes over the years is any more relevant to this thread than referring to Apple's different OSes, such as A/UX and Taligent.I also trust that you're aware that the initial PC-DOS was written by Microsoft and then licensed to IBM.
The thing is, they didn't invent it: they bought Microsoft's OS which in itself was the Quick and Dirty OS purchased from a different Seattle developer.IBM started work on its own OS/2 pretty much soon after, but that's another story.
That's the thing, using Apple Pay with the Watch is simpler and faster, double tap on the button, place your wrist next to reader, payment taken and job done.When you said you're a surgeon I presumed you already had your MRCS in the bag.Oh well, you're not far off now and certainly further than most!
Your honest opinion, sample size n=1.It's easier and faster using Apple Pay on the Apple Watch than fumbling around taking wallets from pockets and cards from wallets.I thought you surgical doctors didn't have time to waste standing around!Speaking of which, speciality and college?
How disingenuous of you.From the same article:
Good point.  I wasn't sure and I was foolish in presuming whoever had written the article had got it right. Also has the deal been done solely with the Currys subsidiary, or with the parent company, Dixons Carphone?  Hopefully it's the later so that Apple Watch can be sold at Dixons Travel, PC World and Carphone Warehouse too.
Hopefully this means the Apple Watch will soon be available duty-free in Dixons (a brand of Curry's) at the airports.
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