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Well here's a detail you've overlooked. Isn't it funny that of all the tablet manufacturers, Samsung is the one with a cable that looks very similar to Apple's?
The fallacies of your arguments are that small children only use toys and that ToysRUs only sell Toys. By your reasoning books, cups, paints and paper must be toys as small children use them. By your reasoning nappy wipes and musical instruments are toys as ToysRUs sell those too.
I think it's the end of the business careers for those behind Proview: I wouldn't trust them to look after a child's piggy bank, much less a corporation. The greedy, envious and desparate actions of this company in the courts are frankly, distasteful. Proview wasn't forced to sell, they sold at a price which was acceptable to them.
Apple focuses on making excellent consumer electronics, not on supplying processors and chipsets to competitors. Apple with a fraction of its cash could have purchased AMD yesterday if it led to greater Apple products. AMD allegedly had an opportunity to impress Apple last year and they blew it, they failed to deliver a better product. Some posters seem to have already forgotten why Apple switched to x86 in the first place, it was because neither IBM nor Motorola could...
$100 billion, are you suggesting Apple is saving up to buy Intel? Imagine the fear and furore from the rest of the PC industry! I don't think such a move will make it past the regulators.
I can't see a new 15 inch Air unless the new Macbook Pro 15" comes with a very high definition screen. The current Macbook Air 13" has the same screen resolution as the standard Macbook Pro 15". A Macbook Air 15" will have to have a higher resolution than the 13" unless Apple's returning to the iBook G4 12" and 14" philosophy - two different sizes with the same resolution.
They're not all of Europe but at over 60% of the EU's population, those five countries comprise the majority of the 27 nation EU.I think it's a reflection of a lack of joined-up thinking in our current NHS. There are many systems in use within the NHS that are incompatible with each other, it's not an issue specific to iOS. Equally there are areas where iOS devices integrate into the ICT system. There are iOS apps that have been written by UK doctors to help them with...
Omitting an optical drive frees up space for more performance, storage and battery life. Surely it's easier to carry ten CD disk images in a larger capacity internal hard/flash drive than ten fragile disks in a CD case? In fact, you can carry those ten CD images in one small $10 8GB SD card that's easier to insert into a Macbook Pro than a single CD.Floppy drives were eliminated from Macs in the 90s as far superior and capacious removable storage became available. We're at...
It's dawned upon me that the trolls are beginning to set the agenda, so back on focussing on the future MacBook Pros.. I'll be radical and suggest that Apple may work in reverse for the Macbook Pros: keep the MacBook Pros cases similar to their current dimensions but fit bigger batteries together with more powerful graphics and processors. Lots of space can be freed by ditching the optical drive: it's no longer worth the vast space it occupies. Surely it's much...
It's incredible that there are those who express so much animosity against Thunderbolt. It took several years for USB to be widely accepted, largely in part to it being incorporated into the first iMac. It may shock people to know that the iMac wasn't the first computer on sale with USB ports. Thunderbolt has been available for barely a year, operating at speeds that put USB 3.0 to shame and yet it's coming under such vicious attack.
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