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 A micro projector and optional portable tabletop projection screen potentially address all your concerns better than ANY 17 inch screen and can be used with ANY size of laptop. They may even be a factor in why Apple discontinued the 17 inch MBP and 17 inch laptops are rare generally.
 Oh, so you can now run Parallels, VMWare Fusion, Virtualbox and Xcode on an iPad?
What is your definition of a netbook?I'm surprised nobody has asked you before.
With the release of these updated Airs I doubt Apple will release a Retina Air this year.   I feel there is little physical difference between the 13 inch Retina Macbook Pro and the 13 inch MacBook Air. The retina isn't tapered and a millimetre thicker than the Air's thickest point, 200g heavier (the weight of a large chocolate bar) and actually slightly narrower than the Air, yet it offers much more.   A retina Macbook Air this year will blur the lines too much...
So zunx, you've come back as AppeX. Finally take the blindfold off and see an iPod touch or iPhone, at 90 to 120g, together with Keynote and an AV cable, fit in your pocket and are great for presentations. Drawing this reply back to relevancy, so's a MacBook Air.
 Apple is selling better machines at a lower price to what it had offered in the UK, yet this is a ripoff? It does cost more to do business in the UK when you factor in: currency fluctuations, property prices, higher wage costs, much higher energy costs (electricity, fuel for heating, fuel for transport) , business rates and regulations, etc. It's undeniable that MacBook Airs are more affordable to the UK purchaser this week compared to last week.
The Onetouch Fierce 4G isn't a $40 phone, the cheapest new, unlocked price I could find on eBay was $75; the going rate is around $100. That's the point of the retina display, a screen with such a high resolution the viewer can't discern any pixels or associated jagged edges.If you're fine with looking at the pixellated jagged edges on the mediocre screen of a $40 Android phone, all well and good. For the record the Alcatel screen resolution is 960 by 540,less than the 960...
 You consider:the lower resolution of a physically larger screen on the $40 Android phone better than the retina display on a 5c? the $40 Android phone lacking  a flash, autofocus and even 3G cellular data to be better than the iPhone 5c with LTE data and an 8 MP autofocus camera with flash?Funnily enough I lost an iPhone 3GS in a field.  I found it after two days, two days of rain.It was lying face down partially submerged in mud, when I picked it up there was actually a...
No; just finished the update now via wifi on a 32GB iPhone 5. It was 18.8MB.
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