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I could be like you and point out a million and one facts in computing which are not relevant to the discussion. As for being ignorant, I'm not the one who made several false assertions in their previous post about Apple.
It's also wasteful to have extra cost and weight built in for something you hardly ever use. As for external storage, that can actually be a bonus, if your laptop gets lost, stolen or damaged, all your work isn't lost with it. Furthermore, even if you have cavernous internal storage, surely you should be backing up your professional work that's essential to your livelihood?
Well we could begin by pointing out Thunderbolt was developed by Intel, not proprietary to Apple, and that OS X is a UNIX which can be fiddled with to one's desire, but then we'd only be feeding and wasting time on an ignorant, misinformed troll, so better to end than to begin.
Wow, even slapppy acknowledges iPhones have an advantage over the competition. Thank you slapppy!
Maybe the answer is to put a PIN code on your SIM, so that a thief/finder won't be able to activate the SIM card in the first place?
The last time an Apple update messed up my Mac was the infamous System 7.5.3. I've installed 10.7.3 via software update and so far it seems to be running fine for me, and for most other posters. You've been consistent in your posts with Apple bashing. I'm sorry that your system not working. Spare us the fanboy insults when the majority report no problems with their systems.
The unfortunate thing about corporate IT is that a lot of time and resource is spent by the rest of the organisation adapting to how the IT people want them to use the equipment and software, rather than as it should be, the IT people adapting the systems to how people work within the organisation. Yes, all the different smartphones can retrieve email, but each have their own little characteristics, surely an employee will be most productive with the system they're most...
Wow, you're so rattled by my post, I hope you're not in a position where you meet people from outside the company, you'll leave them with a poor impression of the bank and potentially lose clients and money. We in this forum now know there's somebody who works for UBS in Switzerland who's quick to become abusive merely because his post is challenged and not taken at face value. As for bad spelling and grammar, it's a barrier to effective communication, which can have...
Cash handling isn't cost free, not even for a small business: for a small business there's the time used in the employee counting and sorting the cash then taking it to the bank. There's also the risk of employee theft. With large amounts, there's the additional cost of secure storage and transportation. Therefore it's conceivable that it can be cheaper and faster for businesses to accept electronic payments than cash, even when you factor in merchant fees.
I suspect they have enough cash to start up their own bank tomorrow!
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