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I know UBS very well.You failed to properly spell the name of the company you claim to work for in your posts, three letters you will see day in, day out, yet seem to cope fine with NASDAQ, NYSE. It's this very basic error which inclines me to doubt the veracity of your posts. Unfortunately, if you truly work for UBS, then we readers have to wonder what else you are getting wrong there, when you can't get the three letter company name right?
That's ironic coming from somebody who posts only about Android with no mention of other systems like Windows Phone and Blackberry OS. There's more to the world than just Android!
I've not heard of your company, what does it do? Do you have a web link?
and no consumer wireless technology is nowhere near running near a 10 gigabits per second speed to overwhelm Thunderbolt. It's an article about WiFi and networking, not expandable Mac towers.
You're quoting the speed for the old USB 1.1. The ubiquitous USB 2.0 can top out at 480 Mbs (megabits per second) which equates to 60 MBs (Megabytes per second) The new USB 3.0 is faster still, up to 5 Gigabits per second which equates to 625 Megabytes per second
As before, nothing useful heard. Slappy remains below the single digit mark in marketshare of posts on Appleinsider, there's no factual basis to actually read slappy's posts. As proven for the last 3 years, slappy's marketshare of posts remains well below 0.2% of the top ten posters on Appleinsider.
I am intrigued, just what are people doing with their Macs that'll be too taxing for a Mac Mini yet be overkilled by a Mac Pro? If it's seriously high fps games I'm happy for Apple to cede that market to gaming PCs and the consoles, if it keeps Apple focussed on the mainstream needs of most people.
This is a good point but I'll be a pedant and point out the irony of being able to run a Mac laptop with its lid closed, using only an external monitor as its display. You can even maintain the portability by using a portable USB display. But I wish to point out that the market currently prefers the all in one format, be it laptop or otherwise, over the separate pieces (i.e. sales of all laptops lumped together with desktop all in ones are greater than the other PC...
Oh Snappy, Snappy, I'm almost beginning to pity you. You're the scared rabbit caught in the bright lights of marketshare as the Apple profit juggernaut pulverises you into roadkill. Snappy, it's you who who's fixated on playing with the 5% marketshare number, despite my analogy illustrating how meaningless marketshare can be as a number. It's funny how you don't want to play with the $80 billion number Apple has in the bank. That's the number you and all the other...
I was referring to the industry as a whole, especially as the article refers to all the All in One PCs, not just those sold by Apple. I've been aware that Apple has been selling more laptops than desktops for quite a few years.
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