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Steve Jobs himself during the iPad keynote described iPad as a device which sits between a smartphone and a laptop. He called netbooks for what they are: cheap laptops with slow processors and tiny screens that aren't good for anything. From this perspective it makes perfect sense to lump netbook sales with "traditional" PC sales but not iPad sales with Mac PC sales. As others have said earlier the definition of what is and isn't a PC is utterly irrelevant to most...
It's not going to happen, this is frankly a parochial issue to the US, Apple's acquisitions have been of companies or technologies which have benefited the global sale of Apple products. Apple won't acquire Comcast for media either, it already has access to plenty of media thanks to iTunes store.
Yea, like Lee Harvey Oswald at the grassy knoll with his Macbook Air and Pablo Escobar snorting coke off his Newton Messagepad screen.
I'd prefer $200 dollars a year over 50 years = $10,000 but on condition that it's index-linked to maintain its purchasing power.
I think those of you who bemoan the $10,000 gift card are a bunch of ungrateful, self-centred wretches. If any of you have been "unfortunate" enough to win this prize kindly donate it to me, I'll find a use for it; I can use the credit to gift content to friends, family and sycophants as well as use it myself.
How ironic. Is www.appleinsider.com the only internet site your browser can access? Is somebody coercing you into visiting appleinsider.com? No? Then it's arrogant of you to visit appleinsider only to start complaining about it. Obviously you enjoy this website as you keep visiting again and again, if it were so bad you'd simply keep away.
Doesn't Samsung and Toshiba make hard drives too? My first mac had a 500MB IBM IDE drive; every Mac I've owned since then came with a Toshiba hard drive.
Well I hope you're just as busy posting on Ferrari fan sites campaigning to reduce the Ferrari Tax or Continental Airlines to reduce the First Class Tax, after all you're on the same plane heading the same direction as economy so why pay so much more? If you took your own advice and thought for yourself you'll realise Apple doesn't force anyone into buying their products, unlike taxes; if people felt they were overpriced there are plenty of alternatives as you've often...
unlike his previous leave of absence Jobs remains as the CEO. He hopes to be back as soon as possible. We can see from the previous couple of years that the Apple board have delivered well: new products and a new class of product which have rattled their competitors and have them scrambling over each other in a rush to imitate the successful iPad.
this user has nothing better to do with their time than to post persistently anti Apple or anti Jobs statements on AppleInsider despite how foolish or preposterous they turn out to be, just view their last 25 posts. That's all I'm going to do to feed this troll, don't waste any more time, it's precious as anybody who's been seriously unwell can attest to.
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