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Unlike Apple, HP is attempting to offer end to end computing, from the consumer and workplace PCs to the back room software and servers. If it all integrates well then there should be no need or even desire to use a third party product. I'll be gracious and suggest he may be have been assessing how well a competitor's product integrates into HP's systems. It appears HP is attempting to be like the IBM of 25 years back. Yet that IBM posted one of the largest losses ever in...
Let us know when you get Crysis running on your old Pentium II MMX computer, after all it's software, there's no reason the Pentium can't run it.
fruiteatingbear correctly picked up on a mistake by Appleinsider. Perhaps it's time Appleinsider has editors and moderators from across most time zones and regions of the world if it doesn't already. It will be nice if both Appleinsider and some posters thought from a more global perspective: whilst an American company, Apple operates on a global level, even their products state: "Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China".
Your original answer to the forum member was irelevalent to his statement, TBell correctly stated Tmobile reduces the data speed if a subscriber exceeds their data allowance, yet you respond that's Apple's fault even though it applies to any mobile device on the T mobile? If you can respond with irelevant replies to posts, then surely I can post related replies and conjectures to your posts? There are at least 600 mobile networks in the world, of which less than ten are...
I sense your sarcasm but I find it childish and simplistic to suggest it's a matter of fault and blame: a 1700 MHz iPhone may simply not be worthwhile for either party. Consider: Verizon 100 million subscribers Sprint 50 million subscribers i.e. 150 million potential EVDO iPhone buyers. AT&T - GSM/UMTS with 100 million subscribers plus the hundreds of millions on "regular frequency" GSM/UMTS networks around the world i.e. 1000 million potential "regular frequency"...
[QUOTE=Gatorguy;1946276]I changed it because your response implied that Apple is at fault for not making an iPhone that's compatible with T-mobile's network. Very, very few networks worldwide use T-Mobile USA's 1700MHz frequency for their mobiles. It's easy for Apple to make a third iPhone version specific to T-Mobile's frequencies, but it may not be worth Apple's time and expense for what is a small market by its nature. Who knows, if T-mobile is willing to offer Apple...
There, fixed that for you.
I want a phone to carry in my pocket, not a tablet to carry in a separate bag, something with a 4.5 inch screen will be too unwieldy. I don't believe people wish to return to the big bulky mobile phone sizes of the early 90s.
The Netherlands, France and Germany are all part of the Eurozone which simply means they use the Euro as a common currency. They are still separate countries with their own laws, the same rules do not apply, otherwise how can you buy Samsung Tabs in France when it's banned in Germany?
Seems you haven't used an iPhone enough to realise it multitasks:http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/featu...titasking.html
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