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Actually, Apple was obligated to offer the next major iOS as an upgrade. Look at the final paragraph in Section 1, General, of the iPhone licence. It's notable there's no obligation for providing an update to the next major iOS in the iPhone 4 licence. Wow, I've made a 100 already!
for the record this is the link to the iPhone software licence: http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/docs/iphone.pdf Section 7 is the disclaimer of warranties, which states you use the software "at your own risk" which I understand is the case for most consumer software including OS X and Windows. It's intriguing that the same section in the iPhone 4 licence states makes the same statements but also acknowledges the disclaimers may not be valid in certain regions and...
You may not have said Apple is required to provide software upgrades but you strongly imply it and other manufacturers should provide them.
The next model will usually be better than the predecessor but if you can afford to wait for the next model then you don't need a new machine in the first place! You can wait in perpetuity for the next best thing. An extreme example would be someone looking at the 1989 Mac Portable and only now deciding to buy a Macbook Air in 2010. Yes, they've saved a bundle of money and have a machine light years ahead of what was originally considered, but look at all the...
for the same reasons why you, as no doubt being the perfect child, developed (will develop?) into the perfect adult,or perhaps you're content remaining the perfect child?
If everybody took your advice they'll be no second run. If our distant ancestors took your advice then we will all be still running around naked, grunting at each other and eating raw meat. Thank goodness for the bold ones, they push us forward.
I think it's solely an issue with demand with respect to the London stores. The new 300th store Covent Garden, is twenty minutes walk from the 1st UK Regent St store. London also has a store towards the North (Brent Cross), West (Westfield) and South West (Kingston) then there are two to the East on the outskirts in the Bluewater and Lakeside shopping centres. So that's seven stores within 90 to 120 minutes reach of each other. Furthermore the department stores and PC...
I found it ironic how he states Apple focuses more on "disposable" products than on Macs yet proclaims the lyrics to such a disposable and frivolous song.
Judging by the Regent Street store in London, it may simply be a way of freeing up staff to deal with as many people as possible. I booked a Genius Bar appointment for my Macbook last Tuesday, I wasn't seen for 40 minutes after my appointment time. The staff must feel besieged, the place was packed out at three in the afternoon! I really take my hat off to the staff's calmness, endurance and dedication in the face of such an onslaught of humanity! I've said it before...
It's ironic such a statement should come from someone with your signature
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