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No more than I'm implying that the best computers for professional use are supercomputers and that a single unit Xserve or iMac are for those who have to settle for something else. A niche group built a supercomputer from Apple Xserves and Mac Pros; it doesn't mean that Apple should now focus on making their computers into supercomputing nodes. Equally a relatively small group need extremely colour accurate and calibrated monitors for their professional work. It doesn't...
It's kotatsu's favourite complaint, it's not the first thread he's made it in and it's not the first time he's received your appropriate explanation.
Oh for the love of God give it a break! Apple's focus is on selling computers, iPhones, iPads and iPods, not on creating the best uber display in the world for a few niche users. They've sold far more Macs with glossy displays in the past year than your niche of professional matte lovers bought ten years ago. Truth be told that the professional machines have been a small fraction of total Macs sold since 99. It was the original iconic iMac and iBook that helped to change...
I believe Apple launches its new Macs globally on the same day, this was true when I purchased my Aluminium Unibody Macbook in 2008 and to my belief has been the case since.
But they have put a date on it, July 2011, just it may not be to your desired level of precision. I'd rather they spent their time fixing any last minute bumps than they shovel out poor software to meet some arbitrary deadline. Besides, it's not as if Windows 8 is launching at the same time, or indeed, same year!
Your argument is flawed; the nuclear arsenals wouldn't be deterrents if both sides believed they would never be used. Each side had to demonstrate its military might and the willingness to fight should the other step out of line. Equally none of these companies would waste time and resources on patents if they were useless against others using their intellectual property.
You've only just noticed? The majority of zunx's posts are demands for Apple to either make a portable Mac in your pocket for or matte screens.
Really, cite ONE expert medical article that says that this is the expert medical opinion, observation and experience.
Okay, it was my poor way of expressing that Microsoft with Internet Explorer was a much greater thread to the web envisioned by Sir Tim Berners-Lee than Apple encouraging use of standard HTML 5. Fortunately Explorer is becoming more compliant with web standards. The issue here is the creation of a paywall which artificially limits a particular device rather than other examples which limit any device from accessing content before payment.
Microsoft tried with Internet Explorer to subjugate the internet to its way for over a decade, didn't hear a pip from either of you during that time. Apple promotes HTML 5, the code with which www pages are written, yet you both conclude it's the death of www and one price internet because of the misguided actions of one local newspaper. Next you'll be saying it's the beginning of the end of interstate highways because they charge tolls in New York.
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