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No, as they're now two sides of the same coin.T-mobile UK and Orange UK are both owned by the same company called Everything Everywhere.Everything Everywhere is jointly owned by Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom, the respective owners of the T-mobile and Orange trademarks.http://everythingeverywhere.com/
FDA approves iPad, iPhone radiology app
Welcome to Planet Earth.
That's what you get for not buying a proper Mac with support and warranty from Apple.If his Hackintosh works then kudos to him otherwise I have absolutely no sympathy.
I'm intrigued that a website can be larger than 40 gigabytes, do they contain a lot of video or high resolution pictures? Are you working on youtube or some other major website with masses of data? Presumably you'd also need a lot of patience or Gigabit Ethernet connected to a faster than DSL connection to ftp the site.
Steve Jobs himself during the iPad keynote described iPad as a device which sits between a smartphone and a laptop. He called netbooks for what they are: cheap laptops with slow processors and tiny screens that aren't good for anything. From this perspective it makes perfect sense to lump netbook sales with "traditional" PC sales but not iPad sales with Mac PC sales. As others have said earlier the definition of what is and isn't a PC is utterly irrelevant to most...
It's not going to happen, this is frankly a parochial issue to the US, Apple's acquisitions have been of companies or technologies which have benefited the global sale of Apple products. Apple won't acquire Comcast for media either, it already has access to plenty of media thanks to iTunes store.
Yea, like Lee Harvey Oswald at the grassy knoll with his Macbook Air and Pablo Escobar snorting coke off his Newton Messagepad screen.
I'd prefer $200 dollars a year over 50 years = $10,000 but on condition that it's index-linked to maintain its purchasing power.
I think those of you who bemoan the $10,000 gift card are a bunch of ungrateful, self-centred wretches. If any of you have been "unfortunate" enough to win this prize kindly donate it to me, I'll find a use for it; I can use the credit to gift content to friends, family and sycophants as well as use it myself.
New Posts  All Forums: