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Microsoft tried with Internet Explorer to subjugate the internet to its way for over a decade, didn't hear a pip from either of you during that time. Apple promotes HTML 5, the code with which www pages are written, yet you both conclude it's the death of www and one price internet because of the misguided actions of one local newspaper. Next you'll be saying it's the beginning of the end of interstate highways because they charge tolls in New York.
That's a huge organisation! The figure of 750,000 suggests you work for the US Postal Service. Only Wal-Mart and the US government employ more people while all other organisations employ far fewer, e.g. McDonalds 450,000.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...s_by_employeeshttp://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortu...ees/index.html Perhaps the simplest answer to your question is for you to pay for the upgrade and you get reimbursed by the IT department?
Zunx I give you credit for your persistence and your one man campaign for a 7 inch Mac in your pocket for making presentations but it's just not going to happen. Why?You can now use the pocketable iPhone 4 for presenting on an external display in conjunction with Keynote for iOS and the Apple Digital AV Adapter.Steve Jobs himself said Netbooks aren't better at anything yet you're calling for Apple to create a seven inch netbook. Sales figures for iPads and netbooks...
Given the choice I'd rather use Mac System 7.5.3, the buggiest OS released by Apple than endure the misery of troubleshooting Ubuntu. Hell I'd rather use Windows 3.0 than the mess that is Ubuntu.I'm most grateful for OS X. I built a system from scratch which I've had to use Ubuntu with and it's like running a marathon up Everest after each update to ensure such basic things as Graphics cards, wifi and even booting are working correctly.If Ubuntu is the best Linux has to...
All of this talk about NFC in phones but is NFC a big deal now? My observation in London and the UK is that few people make use of it for payments An exception is the Transport for London Oyster card. A few financial companies issue the NFC Visa or Mastercard, notably Barclays but: - even within London, there are few places which have or advertise the necessary NFC readers for the Visa or Mastercard NFC cards. - judging by the curious, even quizzical looks received when...
It seems difficult to precisely time travel, just ask Doctor Who!
Judging from the money developers are making from Android apps, 70% of something from the Apple app store is better than 90% of nothing from Android.
I too am dismissive of this rumour, it implies that a multi-billion dollar electronic company full of chip designers and other talented engineers, would be incapable of creating internally a custom motherboard and hardware for a single test machine.
Oh it was more than just talk, Apple did produce several such machines, albeit with the x86 chip on a separate daughterboard which plugged into the Mac's main motherboard. The Power Macintosh 6100/66 DOS Compatible was one such machine, search for DOS in Apple's tech spec section for other examples.
I'm puzzled by this statement; Macbook Airs have 80211n and Bluetooth built in, isn't that wireless connectivity? As for integrated 3G or 4G, nice idea but I don't want it at the expense of a thicker or heavier Macbook Air. USB modem sticks are tiny, will sticking one in the bag alongside the Macbook Air really break your back? You can also use the Bluetooth or wifi wireless connectivity to tether to your smartphone. Even many ordinary phones with Bluetooth allow...
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