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He may be being patriotic but if I was one of his investment clients I'd be annoyed if he told me to dump Apple stock in 2009 (which has nearly quadrupled in value) in favour of buying RIM shares which has produced at best, a ten percent increase in value over the precious three years.
You're the one who's misinformed, of course hydrogen is a fuel:http://www.netinform.net/H2/H2Mobili...ID=229&CATID=1http://www.wired.com/cars/energy/new...?currentPage=1 Not to mention it's been one of the fuels of choice for the space programme and rockets. What do you think the Space Shuttle is carrying in that big tank when it launches, home brew for the man in the moon?http://www.nasa.gov/returntoflight/s...stem_SSME.html
It's no longer on the store for iDevices either.Both stores for Mac and iDevices have the same "App Store" title.However Apple does distinguish between them by referring to the Mac version as the Mac App Store.Rereading the article wouldn't have helped.
http://www.domzilla.net/en/iphone-apps/movieplayer/http://cinexplayer.com/ Whilst these aren't free like vlc they won't break the bank either.True and I don't need his pity nor vlc on an iDevice. It's always been a buggy piece of software on the Mac; current version crashes half the time I quit the app. On reflection it's the only app on my Snow Leopard Mac that crashes every day of use, not even Flash does that!
The Daily Mail can get confused (and that's putting it politely). Only in November they mispelt a guy's name, got his nationality and that of the police force investigating his murder wrong!
Definitely not after the crap Elevation Partners pulled with Palm, it's Pre and iTunes music syncing!
So it's not worth it for you to spend $30 to gain improved performance with 10.6 Snow Leopard?
i understand now, I was confused as he quoted my post and I thought he was referring to me. nht my apologies.
Don't understand your need to tell everybody you're putting me on ignore. I'm not jumping for your bait nor will I in future.
The iPhone 4 has increased features but better battery life compared to the 3GShttp://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/compare-iphones/
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