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Just as they've used an operating system from the past (UNIX) to make great products for now and the future.
Beautiful architecture but their website uses Flash - I'm sure Apple will 'fix that issue' for them whilst the new HQ takes shape!
Kizedek I think you've given perfect answers as to why 4:3 is best for the iPad.16:9 ratio for video is itself a compromise: it was chosen as a best fit between the older 4:3 cinema/TV formats and the more recent 2.37:1 cinema format. As for still photography most formats tend towards 4:3. I believe the greatest benefit for 16:9 comes from watching on at least a 37 inch screen; other than black bars I doubt it's noticeably different on a 9 inch screen, even less so on 7...
It's a matter of perspective and people choosing the right tool for the job: a surgeon won't achieve much real work in their profession with a blowtorch. There are tasks and uses for which the iPad is perfect.
Apple has sold more than four times the number of iPads in a day than these 9000 Slates HP are rumoured to sell over six weeks. Obviously the Slate is nowhere near the success of the iPad, to suggest otherwise is a distortion of reality.
Well, that all depends on context and juristriction, the Appleinsider has a global reach, I'm sitting in the United Kingdom, even within this one country we have three different juidicial systems: England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I presume you're in the US where you have at least fifty one different systems - state laws plus the federal laws. EULA are a contractual obligation between the person who uses the software and the licensor of that software. A...
Actually, Apple was obligated to offer the next major iOS as an upgrade. Look at the final paragraph in Section 1, General, of the iPhone licence. It's notable there's no obligation for providing an update to the next major iOS in the iPhone 4 licence. Wow, I've made a 100 already!
for the record this is the link to the iPhone software licence: http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/docs/iphone.pdf Section 7 is the disclaimer of warranties, which states you use the software "at your own risk" which I understand is the case for most consumer software including OS X and Windows. It's intriguing that the same section in the iPhone 4 licence states makes the same statements but also acknowledges the disclaimers may not be valid in certain regions and...
You may not have said Apple is required to provide software upgrades but you strongly imply it and other manufacturers should provide them.
The next model will usually be better than the predecessor but if you can afford to wait for the next model then you don't need a new machine in the first place! You can wait in perpetuity for the next best thing. An extreme example would be someone looking at the 1989 Mac Portable and only now deciding to buy a Macbook Air in 2010. Yes, they've saved a bundle of money and have a machine light years ahead of what was originally considered, but look at all the...
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