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[QUOTE=Gatorguy;1946276]I changed it because your response implied that Apple is at fault for not making an iPhone that's compatible with T-mobile's network. Very, very few networks worldwide use T-Mobile USA's 1700MHz frequency for their mobiles. It's easy for Apple to make a third iPhone version specific to T-Mobile's frequencies, but it may not be worth Apple's time and expense for what is a small market by its nature. Who knows, if T-mobile is willing to offer Apple...
There, fixed that for you.
I want a phone to carry in my pocket, not a tablet to carry in a separate bag, something with a 4.5 inch screen will be too unwieldy. I don't believe people wish to return to the big bulky mobile phone sizes of the early 90s.
The Netherlands, France and Germany are all part of the Eurozone which simply means they use the Euro as a common currency. They are still separate countries with their own laws, the same rules do not apply, otherwise how can you buy Samsung Tabs in France when it's banned in Germany?
Seems you haven't used an iPhone enough to realise it multitasks:http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/featu...titasking.html
I've noticed one or two people buying Airs simply to run Windows without OS X - a waste, they should at least keep Bootcamp. These Ultrabook competitors will need to either price cheaper than an equivalent Air and Windows licence together, or produce machines superior in spec to a Macbook Air. I suspect those who try will omit Thunderbolt and thus fail.
I hope for your country's sake you have nothing to do with diplomacy, foreign relations or indeed customer relations. It's so offensive to insult somebody else's country. Whatever that poster had done rightly or wrongly, would you be happy if he insulted your place of birth or residence?
Really? I visit and travel around Slovakia quite regularly and I have no reception issues there whatsoever, reception is much better than in London England. I was most impressed to have reception in the High Tatra mountains but also within Bratislava. I've not had problems with any of the three networks whilst roaming. I find it hard to believe you have problems with reception, maybe you have a faulty phone.
If Apple ever decides to join the list of failures (OQO, UMPC, netbooks) and make a 7 inch Macbook Air, it will hopefully be with a super glossy screen especially for you.
You, cloud gazer, may be talking about software patents, but the Nortel patents are for technologies and techniques implemented by hardware. The patent dispute between Hoover and Dyson concerning who had valid patents for their vacuum cleaner technology is valid as a relevant example.
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