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And your evidence is?
All these reheated arguments over Blu-ray, Mac vs. Pc pricing, trolls etc. are frankly irrelevant. Whether technically better featured or not, expensive or cheaper, more and more people are choosing iMacs as their machine of their choice, which can only be a good thing for Apple and OS X developers.
I think you misunderstood my post and the subtlety of it's lighthearted nature. I was implying that a positive anti-troll is to a negative troll what a positive anti-electron is to a negative electron. The effect is neutralised and Appleinsider is saved from negative trolls. I've been a very good customer for Apple over the past twenty years: Original Newton Messagepad, MP120, MP2100, Performa 6200, iBookG3, Powerbook G4, Aluminium Macbook, iPhone 3GS. I have had a...
I suspect iLuv is the self-elected anti-troll for Appleinsider; iLuv enjoys stating purely positive views on Apple and its products to undoubtedly counteract those with the purely negative. Thus balance is maintained within the great scheme of things that is the Appleinsider website.
In other words, he was telling you he lacked confidence in his own product and his company's products. It suggests he had very little influence over the quality and was thus ineffective at managing the product. Did he jump or was he pushed? If people never bought revision A products then they'd never be anything new to introduce. Thank goodness our distant ancestors took a risk and tried cooking with fire.
There are tangents and there's coming off a different curve altogether. Perhaps we should now start talking about currency exchange as Tim Cook was paid in US dollars and he may wish to exchange them into Swiss Francs or Euros. Maybe we should start debating good ergonomic desk design as he may donate his bonus to getting those school desks for California. He's been paid the $22 million and it'll be taxed according to tax regulations as they stand today. Those not happy...
I visit this site to read things that are relevant to Apple Inc. and its products. I didn't visit to read about politics, social policy, ecology, monarchs, etiquette etc irrelevant to Apple of which there are plenty of sites elsewhere on the internet. You are of course welcome to set up your own internet site. If you're going to drift off onto a topic totally irrelevant to the article then why limit yourself to taxation policy? Post the entire library of Congress. It has...
CEOs are usually shareholders in their companies too, company stock is usually part of their renumeration, so they do have a stake in the health of the company.
Even if his skill, ability and contribution were no greater than those in middle management, he has far greater responsibilities as COO for the entire company. If people were paid the same money for the greater risk and stress of running the entire company as those merely running a department or division then very few people would be willing to run companies.Besides, do you know what bonus middle management have received? You may be way off the mark with the 100x...
Are you struggling to post the rest of the Library of Congress? Let's not restrict your bandwidth with seemingly irrelevant posts about Apple Inc. on this website.
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