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GM would be dead now were it not for it being effectively bailed out by the US Treasury ie US Government. The Canadian Government haven't bailed out Nortel and I don't see them bailing out RIM. The world can live without a one trick pony mobile company that's already flogged its horse to death.
I'm surprised the optical drive hasn't already disappeared from the Macbook Pro line when the Macbook Air Superdrive has been available for some years now. Is there an advantage to making a Thunderbolt version of this Superdrive? I presume that the writing of tracks to the disc is now the limiting factor for DVDs and not the speed of the interface, even for the current USB version.
Have you been to a hospital and been amazed at how many ill people are there? Doctors troubleshooting health problems all day long every day, there are so many people you need to take an appointment. In my opinion they need to work on the human body's reliability first.
I wonder if all the posters clamouring for a 15 inch MBA realise that the current 13 inch MBA has the same screen resolution as the current standard 15 inch Macbook Pro? I myself went from a 15 inch Powerbook g4 with 1280 x 800 screen resolution to a 13 inch Unibody Macbook with the same screen resolution and not noticed any major difference in usability, but maybe my eyes are very good!
They're not even the first to market with such an idea, they seem to have forgotten about the Toshiba Libretto W100 and its "limited availability": http://us.toshiba.com/computers/laptops/libretto
Are you one of the three suspects who broke into the San Diego Apple Store the other day? It seems piracy didn't work out as planned, especially for the guy now in the morgue.
I think you've got it wrong, Apple is winning because people are fed up of having to rely on geeks in IT/retail who salivate over fps and overclocking rather than getting computers to do real work for the real world. People are finding Apple products are perfectly useful without the geek and are demanding their use in wider areas.
I've had experience of both the removable and non removable sides of the argument. The iPhone 3GS is the first non-removable phone I've owned. It superseded a HTC TyTn II which I got fed up with. It was annoying with the TyTn II having to slip the cover off, replace the battery, switch on and then call or go back to what you were doing when the battery ran out. There was also the extra rigmarole of the desktop charger for the second battery. However the key...
My experience is that Vista demands far more frequent updates than OS X Snow Leopard. Of course to be fair I should be comparing Snow Leopard to Windows 7 or Vista to Leopard. Yes, no software is perfect. Back to the subject to hand, it's only natural that there are plenty of bugs within the developer preview, Lion is still a work in progress.
Vista harasses me on an almost weekly basis to install one update or another. It gets really irritating when running within VM Fusion.The term "Service Pack" is very much a Microsoft term for its operating systems.I find its application to OS X distasteful.It implies that either Microsoft finds it far more expensive to provide its OS directly to customers than to OEMs or that, seeing that the current Windows Ultimate (Windows 7) is $500 New Zealand dollars, your PC is...
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