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http://www.domzilla.net/en/iphone-apps/movieplayer/http://cinexplayer.com/ Whilst these aren't free like vlc they won't break the bank either.True and I don't need his pity nor vlc on an iDevice. It's always been a buggy piece of software on the Mac; current version crashes half the time I quit the app. On reflection it's the only app on my Snow Leopard Mac that crashes every day of use, not even Flash does that!
The Daily Mail can get confused (and that's putting it politely). Only in November they mispelt a guy's name, got his nationality and that of the police force investigating his murder wrong!
Definitely not after the crap Elevation Partners pulled with Palm, it's Pre and iTunes music syncing!
So it's not worth it for you to spend $30 to gain improved performance with 10.6 Snow Leopard?
i understand now, I was confused as he quoted my post and I thought he was referring to me. nht my apologies.
Don't understand your need to tell everybody you're putting me on ignore. I'm not jumping for your bait nor will I in future.
The iPhone 4 has increased features but better battery life compared to the 3GShttp://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/compare-iphones/
I remember other attempts during the eighties and nineties to make video calling a popular consumer product; even now where webcams and cheap broadband are ubiquitous it doesn't seem to take off as you'd expect it to. I think the barrier is the lack of a single ITU or defacto standard which allows you to talk to an iPhone, MSN, SKYPE or whatever without nerdy fiddling about. I believe Facetime is a step in the right direction towards that simplicity. After all we can ring...
Really, just how much do you know about the countless European network operators to make such sweeping statements? It's certainly not the case with the majority of the UK networks nor in other European countries I've been to; don't mistake Paris for the whole of Europe. I'll give you credit for one observation though, I'm yet to see someone making video calls in a public place be it Facetime, 3G video or otherwise. It's anecdotal but people just don't seem to have a use...
Cheeky Chappy Stores seeks payments from TV manufacturers to fund store expansion: "We've had this great business selling pocket transistor radios but now our customers prefer buying more and more flatscreen TVs which have been getting bigger and bigger. We can only store one or two TVs in a space originally built to hold fifty radios. We can't cope with all our customers demanding bigger and bigger TVs; Panasonic make some of the largest TVs so it's time they pay...
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