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Ferdinand Foch, 1911
Actually the contactless payment system uses the same EMV protocols and technology as Chip and Pin cards; there's merely a difference in how the payments are verified and/or authorised.Refer to EMVCo and the technical papers for further information.
 The thread is correct and you are mistaken, the US is moving to the same EMV system as is used elsewhere around the world; the US card issuers may be configuring the default settings to be Chip and sign instead of Chip and Pin.  The technical specification of EMV allows for a Chip and Sign option.  Even within the UK I have personally witnessed UK cards configured to ask for signature instead of PIN.  I believe the UK card issuers offer it as an option for the blind or...
I'm inclined to believe that Apple Pay may well be the killer app for the Apple Watch. From my personal experience it's so much easier to double tap the button on the watch and move watch face to the terminal than to even fumble around getting your wallet out of your pocket. There is the added advantage of avoiding "card clash" where there's more than one contactless card in your wallet or purse. I
  This is way way off topic especially when  Pay can be used with debit cards - no debt necessary. You're ignoring the reality that in the economically healthy countries across the world, most people are sensible and responsible in the amounts borrowed and loaned, the repayments are made without default. You do not take into account that people may be content with the value of the consumable at the time of purchase and the burden of the debt in acquiring them at that...
 Most annoyingly they have the appropriate terminals installed in many stores but are yet to activate it to accept contactless payments. From my experience today they'd be wise to offer contactless payments asap if they're not to lose custom to their competitors who do.
I've spent the day shopping with  Pay and an  Watch. I've used it at Waitrose, LIDL, Asda, Tesco and paid for my London bus fare with the  Watch, all without a hitch and without delay at the terminal.   It is definitely faster and easier than fumbling into your pocket or handbag and then into your wallet or purse to find a card.   From my experience today  Pay may well be the killer app for the  Watch. It makes it a joy to pay!
 People are not compelled to take a credit card nor are they compelled in what they choose to buy with it.Let the debtor and the buyer beware!
Wow, I'm amazed people are switching banks just to use Apple Pay. If those banks in the "Coming Soon" category wish to keep their customers it appears soon needs to be very very soon indeed!
Are you serious?The national minimum wage in Greece is 684 euros a month, 20GB of iCloud storage is 1 euro a month, 200 GB is 4 euros a month, 0.6% percent of that minimum wage.I suspect a Greek needing even 200GB of iCloud storage has an income well above that minimum wage.
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