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A clever move by those behind Thunderbolt, making the USB versus Thunderbolt debate pointless. It will be a good way of simultaneously maintaining physical compatibility and differentiating high end machines: low end computers will ship with the slower ports or even legacy USB 3.0 ports; high end machines will have the advantages and faster throughput of Thunderbolt 3 but still be able to use the slower peripherals. Just how much of a hand did Apple have in creating...
 The SlimPlug is compliant and this charger uses the same folding pin principle, so in theory it is.Presumably Apple has put it through all the relevant regulatory approval.  Very happy to see this design, it makes the adapter much more compact and easier for travelling.I wonder whether this will come with the Watch when it ships in the UK?
Removable batteries are actually a liability.You have to use the one specific to a specific phone, unlike a battery pack.The battery pack can be used for not just your own phone, but your next phone and the phones of those around you who need a charge.
paxman, have you been inside Harrods, Peter Jones or any other John Lewis in the past year? There's an element of gimmickry in Harrods introduced by the previous owner which may or not have been removed by the current ownership, which is why RichL rightly refers to it as a tourist trap. As for Peter Jones and the other John Lewis stores they've been modernised and have a fresh layout with a diverse range of products, from clothing to the food hall in John Lewis Oxford...
I'm intrigued as to which department stores you consider to be classier in London, maybe Peter Jones and John Lewis?I'm also a bit surprised Apple hasn't gone for an Apple Watch outlet within Harvey Nichols, maybe that will come later.Overall though, as you say, Selfridges is a great choice.
Then you're not using an Apple British layout keyboard.Other manufacturers put the hash symbol where you stated on their British layout keyboard.Apple, for whatever reason, does not put the hash symbol on their British layout keyboards.
Then you're yet to use the British layout keyboard: it doesn't have a # symbol on it, you have to press the option key and then the 3 key.The £ symbol replaces # on the British layout.
You're the expert when it comes to people too up themselves.
There's not just one European layout but several according to language and/or country.French has AZERTY, German, Czech and Slovak have QWERTZ.The British English keyboard layout is different from the US/International english layout: UK keyboard has pound sign instead of dollar.There are other Apple keyboards, these are just the ones I'm aware of.
New Posts  All Forums: